Kacper Kostecki – True Story (Dopamine Music)

The 16th release on Nikko Z’s Dopamine Music finds the label with yet another exciting artist debut. Fans of Proton’s Particles label will certainly be familiar with Kacper Kostecki. The Polish producer has appeared on the Proton subsidiary 3 times and the guidance of fellow countryman Kobana seems to be paying off as Kacper’s pristinely produced brand of progressive house is quickly gaining him new fans. Kacper’s debut EP for Dopamine is entitled ‘True Story’ and it comes with a remix from Kobana.

Kacper’s ‘True Story’ original begins with a somber atmospheric tone that’s sets a wonderful vibe early on. The smooth flowing groove begins to build with dynamic hits and character filled aquatic stabs. The waning harmonics and driving energy push the track to the main break where a blissful backdrop of pads lift the emotional content to new heights. The gorgeous subtlety is really striking and once the groove drops back in expect a rush of energy and emotion on your dance floor. Without a doubt Kacper’s most gorgeous production to date.

The lone remix of ‘True Story’ comes from Kobana who is making his Dopamine debut here. Filip Kaczmarek aka Kobana is one of Poland’s top progressive house producers, his appearances on Anjunadeep, Proton and Lowbit are a model of consistency that we rarely see in electronic music today. Kobana has never been one for the long, drawn out progressive journeys but rather a more concise approach which makes his production always seem tailor made for the dance floor. He’s provided a punchy, dynamic sounding interpretation of ‘True Story’ here that really rocks. Backed by a razor sharp groove the melodic themes are re-created in a new and inspiring way that complements the original perfectly.

The second original ‘Veter’ closes the release out on a very strong note. The tough framework is well complemented with wavering hypnotics and rough stabs which add a good amount of depth to the groove. The introduction of a wonderfully warped line creates a cool sinister vibe which carries the track to the main break. Grainy sweeps build some sizable tension here and the titanium coated kick then drops back in for a huge moment in the track. The warped groove carries the piece through an exhilarating second half with an array of hits and brain melting electronics.

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