Kaiser Souzai Announces The Debut Album From His Alter Ego Purple Kaiser

New on German label Ballroom Purple is a two track EP by label owner Purple Kaiser who has previously been a feature of labels including Bar 25.

Purple Kaiser has previously only featured on his imprint as a remixer on the release by The Scumfrong, so it’s great to see him also feature some original material, as hearing the label owners own tracks gives a deeper insight into the manifesto of the labels music policy.

Having heard some of the previous releases it comes as no surprise that the Purple Kaiser tracks are in a similar style to artists such as Nick Warren or Guy J, as the techy undertones and epic chord progressions are everything fans have come to expect from the imprint.

It’s great to also discover that this EP is a sampler taken from Purple Kaiser’s forthcoming album, and that we can soon expect to hear more of this timeless style.

Expertly produced with a fine attention to detail this is a masterclass in how to make melodic house, with just an added hint of techno to keep it energetic enough to give the dance floor a vigorous workout.

Super excited to hear the full album when it drops, and always a pleased to hear more from Ballroom Purple, the sampler is out now, and can be purchased HERE.

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