Kaiserdisco are releasing their new album on Monday. Instead of getting the same old album promo spiel we asked them to dig deep and give us a chart that inspired their album. Warning: classics ahead!

Green Velvet – Flash (Timo Maas Remix)
Frederic: Brilliant remix with a massive energy which keeps rolling and rolling.

Sven Väth – L’eperanza.
Patrick: Still one of the best tracks for a lazy Sunday chill out.

Andrew McLauchlan – Love Story (Devilfish Remix) – Bush
Frederic: Techno banger from the early days. Pure techno and a catchy vocal sample making this this to one of my all time favorites

James Holden – A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix) Border Community
Patrick: A fantastic programming in combination with a super catchy and heart-touching melody makes this this one to an outstanding masterpiece of music.

Dan Berkson, James What – Ghosts (Original Mix) – Poker Flat
Frederic: So simple and effective, groovy and full of energy. One of Poker Flats best tracks in my opinion.

Marmion – Schöneberg (Original Mix) – Superstition Records
Patrick: Unforgettable Trance / Techno track that reminds me of the time when we started to go out and party to techno

Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazar
Frederic: Great to see Emmanuel releasing new tracks but this one is still one of my favorite Acid Techno tracks.

Ahpex Twin – Windowlicker (Original Mix)
Patrick:This track is inseparable of the music video. You just have to see it once and you will never forget it. For me a timeless peace of art.

Paul Kalkbrenner – Gebrünn Gebrünn
Frederic: Berlin Caling was a milestone for me and the Album has so many great tracks. This is one of them I play from time to time.

Kaiserdisco – Varuna
Kaiserdisco: One of our favorites from the Album as we love the break. Took a lot of work to create and we hope it was worth it



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