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Lauge & Rutz – Time Lapse EP (Mirabilis Records)

Lauge and Rutz join us for the 44th release which also marks the 4th anniversary for our label! The EP consists of 3 tracks of warm and melodic spaced out proggy techno!

Kicking it off with the title track ‘Time Lapse’ which fully exposes the talent of those two guys. This piece of melodic techno is full of emotive pads and moving sequences but with a quite brooding low end that keeps things in the right balance.

‘Hideout’ follows down the same route, just slightly more trippy with its locked groove, the dark and pulsating bass line and hypnotic synth lines and evolving textures.

Closing up is a stunning piece of electronica in the form of ‘Frictions’. Broken beats, gentle chords and lush melodies keep grabbing your mind and taking it onto a distant journey! Three tracks from Lauge & Rutz that will for sure grab your ears!

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