Lawrence Lee – Fuse (Cell GT Mix) premiere on Parka Records

Korean-American artist Lawrence Lee has been carving a name for himself on dance floors all around the world.

Known for his unique twist on Techno, Acid and House music, Lawrence Lee has recently released on DJ Haus’ House Crime Records and fellow New York-Berlin artist P.Leone’s E-Missions, and more. Here though we see him mark his debut for Parka Records with the ‘BioDome’ EP which welcomes San Francisco’s Vin Sol on remix duties.

The ‘Cell GT Mix’ is the final song on the package, laying more focus on the rhythmic elements as the billowing synths and airy strings subtly meander within.

Lawrence Lee‘s ‘BioDome’ EP (Incl. Cell GT Mix) is out on Parka Records 22nd June 2018.


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