Leo Delgado – Awakening (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Leo Delgado to the label for his debut single.

The Argentina artist has already found a home on ICONYC, Clinique Recordings and Soundteller Records. Now he brings his progressive minded productions to Balkan Connection with ‘Awakening’ alongside remixes from Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca, Matteo Monero and Ewan Rill.

‘Awakening’ begins with a DJ friendly intro as spacey effects slowly surround the framework. Hopeful pads and organic percussion bring immediate emotion before rattling motifs and a simple lead line wrap around the rhythmic core. The magic lies in its simplicity, smoothness and a very short but mood changing break, which perfectly resets the emotion for a wonderful finish.

There is another expansive and star studded remix team assembled here with Ezequiel Anile & Nicolas Petracca leading the way. The Argentinean duo always seem to create magic when they get together and here they take the simple elements from the original and transform them into a trippier, dreamy take that shines. The framework of the track is very much in line with the Lost & Found sound, while it’s atmospheric surroundings go a touch psychedelic with cosmic effects and cross-cultural motifs. It only plays at seven minutes but there’s a real complex journey to be had in this one. Great remix from Ezequiel & Nicolas.

Next up Matteo Monero makes his third appearance on the label which follows his ‘Three’ single from October of last year. The Italian artist has been quiet for nearly two months with his last new production coming courtesy of Deersky’s Soundteller Records with a contribution to the label’s ‘Winter Sampler’ from February. Known for his uptempo brand of progressive house Matteo shows this again here with a driving and somewhat trippy interpretation. Spooky tones and spacey effects slowly come to fruition during an electric first act before going through some heady modulation during a dramatic main break. It’s a big moment which sets up an emotive third act perfectly. Big remix from Matteo.

The release concludes with label artist Ewan Rill returning for his 88th appearance. The Russian producer has (like always) been quite prolific with 10 new productions already released in April. Given how the original sounds I would expect Ewan to take it in an entirely different direction and he has done just that. A radically reshaped groove brings mountains of funk as spacey effects trail through the framework. Playful melodies add even more bounce while two nicely timed breaks up the intensity, always reverting back to the spacey trails and strong rhythmic elements. A dance floor bomb from Ewan which rounds out another great Balkan Connection release on a strong note. Don’t miss it.


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