Li-Polymer – A Bird Inside Of Claudia / Absolute Remesso (System Recordings)

Li-Polymer has long been one of Portugal’s most promising progressive house producers. From his early days with System Recordings and Mistique Music to his more recent appearances on 3rd Avenue, Classound and Balkan Connection Li-Polymer has been loved by electronic music fans worldwide. This week sees the Portuguese producer returning to System for his ninth appearance and a new double A-side release entitled ‘A Bird Inside Of Claudia / Absolute Remesso’.

The EPs first track ‘A Bird Inside Of Claudia’ is probably one of Li-Polymer’s most enchanting pieces to date. The heavily processed bells combined with a steel tinged hypnotic line are a match made in heaven and give the track an amazing psychedelic quality at the outset. The coolness of the groove is quite outstanding as well. The deeply set bass stabs provide a wonderful roll and the drums pick up the brooding underbelly of the track immensely. Long time progressive house fans may find this a touch similar to some of Yunus Guvenen’s finest productions from the golden years of the genre which is of course a complement of the highest order. Outstanding stuff from Li-Polymer. The companion piece ‘Absolute Remesso’ goes even deeper with a softly textured groove and delicate hypnotic tones which lead the way. Once Li-Polymer’s unmistakable bass tones drop the groove picks up a few notches before the main break begins to take shape. The mesmerizing interlude is full of subtle musical themes which really captivate your imagination. It’s almost like what Li-Polymer has left out of the melodic sequences are what make the track that much better. The sparsely placed keys are full of harmonic possibilities and should have the full attention of your dance floor. Two very emotional pieces of music here from Li-Polymer which are some of the best of his career. Don’t miss them!

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