Lilly Palmer Drops Some Melodic Techno On Senso Sounds

Available In Stores On December 6th

Lilly Palmer is a Swiss who has become a regular on Senso Sounds.

Lilly Palmer is one of the underground techno scenes emerging stars, and she drops her new EP on Senso Sounds titled “All Things Fall”, which also includes a remix from Teenage Mutants.

Senso Sounds label boss Oliver Huntemann has an eye for discovering promising new artists and unearthing timeless classics in the process. Lilly Palmer is another example of his skills for picking out fresh talent, and we are honoured to premiere the title track from her new EP.

“All Things Fall” is a polished slice of driving techno that perfectly builds in tension until the point where it hits the peak and sends the dancefloor into a frenzy.

With bleeping melodies and frantic rhythms, it’s the epic breakdown were the tracks ramps up the tension, before unleashing its full force with flickers of acid and a grinding sub-bass.

You can pre-order a copy of the track from HERE

Words by Jamie W


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