Lonya: What’s In Your Box

We check in with Israeli star and Asymmetric label boss Lonya for his current dance floor burners

1. Budakid – Never Leave Your Shuttle (Original Mix) [LNOE]

I love everything about this tune, it is such a masterpiece. A ballad, a poem, a soundtrack of a movie with the most optimistic ending that always stays with you, never mind where you go. Budakid is a brilliant producer, I’ve played lots of music in the past year and regarding LNOE quality and sound everything has been said already.

2. Julian Jeweil – Forum (Original Mix) [Suara] 

Perfect formula for the dance floor, an absolute winner! So efficient and with pure energy transmitted by a classic sequence, raving at its best. An important tool for me this summer, I can hear people screaming still while dancing wildly to it.

3. Marc DePulse & Several Definitions – Amphibia (Lee Van Dowski Remix) [Definition:Music]

I like this label, lots of great music came out on it this year,  Marc DePulse & Several Definitions release is no exception and Lee Van Dowski remix is my favorite on it. Excellent combination of elements, massive synths are creating hypnotic vibe. I like so much to play it, steady energy for the packed club!

4. Andre Winter – Carte Blanche (Original Mix) [Senso]

Senso is a ultimate source for me for dark and groovy sound. Earlier this year Andre Winter’s Cascadeur was one of my favorite tracks and now Carte Blanche is a very successful successor. Elegant combination of futuristic sounds for late hours sets.

5. Dousk – Whisper Unit (Original Mix) [Beat Boutique]

To be honest I m involved with this label a lot. I had a feeling that this release will be very successful while testing it. Dousk is a bit underrated in my opinion. He has so much talent and understanding of what is what and how it should be done. Quality all the way.

6. Magit Cacoon – Perfect Life (Secret Remix for Steven Wilson) [Katermukke] 

Had the privilege to master this gorgeous track and felt it immediately. Always exploiting the opportunity to play it. The vocals are so amazing here, the strings are so warm and beautiful , layered on top of noisy and dark soundscapes and they transform you to a different dimension instantly.

7. Rodriguez Jr. – Baobab (Original Mix) [Mobilee] 

What a superb album, from beginning to the end, maybe the best one that came this year. I like to listen to when taking breaks from work. I would not say Baobab is the best track there, all are good, but its the one I play and its magnificent.

8. Patrick Kunkel – Evolution (Clint Stewart Remix) [Sincopat]

Patrick is a good friend and we just finished making an ep together, which came out great. On his latest ep on Sincopat , Clint Stewart version made it for me, it has the deepness and the groove, that help me to create what i feel in the club. The track has a perfect arrangement and magic  that I m always looking for.

9. Stevie R, Delfin Music – Jalemba feat. Greg Rawson (Mathias Schober’s Rhythm Sequence) [Chapter 24]

The original is outstanding, wicked production and top-notch sound, but Mathias Schober version takes it to a completely different realm – majestic and emotional. The breakdown is mind blowing, you can’t stay indifferent here and this is so important in this type of Electronica. Very inspiring tune!

10. Luke Santos & Arturo Hevia Nymphlight Playground (Marcelo Vasami Flutes Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]

And last but not least – Marcelo Vasami. This is from the latest release on my label Asymmetric Recordings. So much talent here, so much time spent on every little detail, it is very skillfully crafted. I m very happy to work with such an impressive artist which is so humble at the same time.

Lonya has new music out now on Kunai Records, you can purchase the release: here


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