Loquai – Nightcrawler (Refined Tunes)

Loquai launches his new Refined Tunes imprint this week with a brand new single from himself entitled ‘Nightcrawler’.


The name Loquai has become synonymous with underground progressive house and now after years and years of releasing music on a wealth of labels he finally has one of his own. It’s only fitting that the first release feature something brand new from the label boss and accompanying it are remixes from Samotarev and Yuriy From Russia. 

When you launch a new imprint the first release is pretty important, so I would imagine Loquai has thought long and hard about which track to choose in order to put the first notch on the labels discography. ‘Nightcrawler’ comes with those trademark Loquai grooves but there are some melodic motifs which really set it apart from some of his other work. Big lead stabs and some hopeful strings carry immense emotion, particularly during the main break, which paints a lovely futuristic soundscape. A lot of the elements here really lend themselves to a trance production but the heavy effects make for such a trippy narrative that they play well in this deeper progressive environment. The third act does see things escalate a bit in that traditional old school fashion and certainly makes for a few magic moments along the way. Lovely work from Loquai.

The first interpretation of ‘Nightcrawler’ is provided by Samotarev who is fresh off releases for Bonzai Records and his own Green Snake imprint. The Russian producer has changed a lot since his early days on Baroque Records, Lowbit and Pure Substance. We’re hearing a deeper and more melodious sound now which is quite captivating. For his ‘Nightcrawler’ interpretation Samotarev has gone a bit deeper and trackier, while still incorporating some of the great hooks and atmosphere from the original. It’s groovy and more laid back approach lends itself nicely to back room or late night play, and the brief but spaced out break proves to be the perfect transition back to the stripped groove. Great remix from Samotarev.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Nightcrawler’ is provided by Yuriy From Russia who is one of his country’s most well known progressive house exports. The Russian artist widely regarded for his prolific production prowess is one of the more versatile artists in the underground. You never know quite what to expect from Yuriy as he seems equally adept at producing deep, dubby grooves as he is at big progressive stormers. Of late he’s appeared on Reelaux Digital, Majestic Family and Movement Recordings with quality material. For his ‘Nightcrawler’ interpretation Yuriy has gone big and proggy with some lovely spaced out soundscapes. It’s full, fluid groove carries huge momentum and with each passing sweep the intensity builds. Led by that poignant theme from Loquai’s original the first act transitions into the main break on an epic note and just goes up from there. By far the most grand version on the package, the main break is definitely crafted for peak hour play and with a big drop expect a huge reaction on the right dance floor. Big remix from Yuriy which rounds out a very successful first offering from Loquai’s Refined Tunes imprint, don’t miss it, and keep an eye on this new label as I’m sure the future holds many great releases for it.

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