C-U Welcomes Italian Techno Don Luca Agnelli To Our Legends List

To celebrate the release of his remix of The Micronauts’ ‘Acid Party’, Luca Angelli drops an exclusive mix for our Legends series.

Welcome to CU Luca! We’re pretty much exactly halfway through the year… how has it been treating you so far?

It real has been a super 2018 so far! I’ve played some fantastic gigs around the globe, but have also found time in the studio to work on some very stimulating productions, so the balance has been great.

When did you decide that a career in music was for you? And was there a particular moment you can pinpoint when the idea became a reality?

I would say since forever! My father was a musician and music was always a major presence at home. I started DJing when I was a teenager and as soon as I finished high school, I did everything I could to turn my passion into my profession. What is it about electronic music, and particularly techno, that appeals to you? For me techno is fire, passion, and energy. It is what I feel and what I want to transmit to the people in front of me in the club.

Did your DJ Mag cover in 2014 make you feel like you’d really ‘made’ it?

It was very nice to see my face on DJ Mag cover, but to be completely honest I feel at my very best when I’m playing to people in the club, with the dancefloor flying in front of me.

You’ve played at a huge range of clubs over the years… how do you keep yourself in the moment, and ensure you don’t lose your connectivity to the crowd? Has it gotten harder to stay focussed the more you’ve done it?

First of all, DJing is what I love to do, so this is already a great advantage. Then, I do my best to be creative – in my releases, in my gigs, in my social activities; to be connected through social media, my ‘Monday Live’, my ‘Third Period’ and of course to be generous, to take the right decisions, and to always enjoy my life.

Was it always your ambition to run a label, or was it just a natural progression? And how difficult is it to make the label a viable business?

I created Etruria Beat in 2010 and I would say it was a natural progression. It is very challenging in terms of time, costs and management but I am proud of my label and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I think that each label should be run depending on the reason why it was created. Etruria was created to release music that I like, music that has a soul, something that remains over time and that can represent my style, and to create a “family” with whom to share thoughts, experiences and moments.

We absolutely love your remix of The Micronauts ‘Acid Party’… how did this one come about?

When Cristophe asked me to remix his track, I immediately thought about the remix done by Daft Punk for his track ‘Get Down Get Funky’, that I played a lot. So after listening to the track, I decided to remix it because there were some acid sounds that I loved and I could imagine right away how I wanted to develop it. A few days later, the remix was done.

Talk us through your mix for CU… any tracks in particular we should be looking out for?

Pure energy is the main thing. I have included some new tracks from my forthcoming EP Raveolution on Etruria, some acid tracks, some breaks samples, and some rave progressive atmospheres… everything in my style.

What else have you got coming up this year?

I will shortly be releasing my new Raveolution EP on Etruria. After that I will have a remix for Mikael Jonasson out on Suara in August, a super journey remix for Reform on Etruria in September and a special celebration release number 50 on Etruria in November. There’s more, but I can’t tell you about them yet!

The Micronauts ‘Acid Party’ is out now

Mix tracklist:

The Micronauts – Acid party (Luca Agnelli remix)
Blicz – New Doctrine
Luca Agnelli – No Gravity
Unknow artist – IMU 92
Juxta Position – Stepping
Remco Beekwilder – 90’s Mayhen
Thomas Schumacher – When I Rock (Emmanuel remix)
Luca Agnelli – Raveolution
Rebekah – The Otherside
Truncate – Multiply
Luca Agnelli – Shimmer
Introversion – Laika
Perc Truss – Leather &Lace (Mundance and Logos remix)


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