Luis Bondio & Cesar Lombardi – Solar Attraction (Movement Recordings)

The Argentinean duo of Luis Bondio and Cesar Lombardi have worked together on many occasions in recent years. Their unique synergy in the studio has delivered exceptional productions for Luis’ Classound Recordings and Baires Records. This week sees the duo returning to Movement Recordings for a brand new single entitled ‘Solar Attraction’ which includes remixes from Dale Middleton and Stas Drive.

Every time Luis and Cesar set out to create something new it always seems to turn out really special. ‘Solar Attraction’ continues that trend quite nicely as it might just be their strongest work to date. Luis and Cesar have crafted another monumentally big groove here and it’s well complemented with prominent claps and a subversive hypnotic underbelly that’s buzzing with energy. This smooth flowing wave of momentum eventually leads to the main break which is filled with some lovely aquatic sounds and a very ominous tone that makes it all the more cavernous sounding. Once the buzzing groove returns a new complement of freshly designed sounds comes to life and makes for a very rousing finishing. A monster production from Luis and Cesar.

The first remix is provided by Dale Middleton who is making his first appearance on Movement Recordings. The UK producer has continued his strong production ways with releases on Dopamine, Kunai, Afterglow and Lowbit which capped off a very successful 2013. Dale’s first production of 2014 was a remix for System Recordings where he once again worked his studio magic with a strong rhythmic production that earned support from Hernan Cattaneo. For his ‘Solar Attraction’ interpretation Dale has delivered a great complement to Luis and Cesar’s bigger original. In laying down a much more subtle and hypnotic vibe Dale has crafted another contemporary progressive masterpiece. The well sequenced keys are light and vibrant which proves to soften the tougher framework. The end result is a well balanced piece of dance floor magic that you will likely be hearing a lot in the coming months.

The second and final remix is provided Stas Drive who is returning to Movement for his second appearance. The Ukrainian producer just came off a remix for Weepee’s ‘Shadows’ which was part of Movement’s first release of 2014. Add to that a forthcoming release on Guy J’s Lost & Found and Stas Drive looks to be one of the most talked about producers in 2014. Stas Drive’s remix of ‘Solar Attraction’ comes with that remarkable hypnotic flow that is so heavily favoured by Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J at the moment. It softens the big presence of the original and adds a much more dramatic flair which sets a cinematic sounding canvas for the smooth groove to evolve over. As the track emerges from the second break the gradually building atmosphere slowly beams down a marvellous celestial glow for what results in one of Stas Drive’s most emotionally gripping compositions to date.

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