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Luis Bondio & Santiago Garcia – Bottomless


Mesmeric Records is back after the holiday season with their first release of 2013 this week. The label finished 2012 as one of the top progressive house labels in electronic music, the highlight of their year would have to have been Guy J’s amazing interpretation of Circulation’s ‘Turquoise’ which went down as one of Spring / Summer’s biggest records. The labels first release in 2013 features a massive collaboration from two of Argentina’s finest: Luis Bondio and Santiago Garcia. These gentlemen are responsible for two of the hottest imprints around at the moment: Classound Recordings and Baires Records respectively. Luis and Santiago have been favourites of Hernan Cattaeno and Nick Warren over the last year and 2013 promises to be even brighter for the pair. Their debut single for Mesmeric is entitled ‘Bottomless’ and it comes with a massive remix from Cid Inc.

Anytime Santiago and Luis collaborate together it always results in something extra special and with ‘Bottomless’ they’ve worked their studio magic once again. A shuffling tech house groove gets the track underway along with some ominous sounding electronics which set the mood nicely. A set of big round bass tones soon get dropped in which leads to a much more atmospheric section of the record which is filled with airy pads and wispy electronics. This serene sound scape is showcased even further during the main drop as waves of glistening melodies, aquatic emissions and tranquil ambiences fill the air for a blissful vibe that should send shivers to your dance floor. Spectacular work form Luis and Santi, don’t miss this one!

The lone remix of ‘Bottomless’ comes from Cid Inc. who is making his first appearance on Mesmeric here. Finnish producer Henri Hurtig aka Cid Inc. has gotten 2013 off to a great start, his remix of Praveen Achary’s ‘Space Machine’ was chosen by Beatport as the #1 Must Hear Progressive House record for the week of it’s release and at the time of this writing the track is still in the Beatport Prog House top 100. Cid Inc. has once again delivered an incredible interpretation that sounds tailor made for a rocking dance floor. Henri’s drums are always bang on the money and here they really pack some serious punch as they’ve added an extra vibrancy and bounce to the already energetic groove. The momentous beats propel the track forward through fields of atmospheric haze and swirling electronics before a hook heavy acid lead fades into the mix and in turn reveals the main drop. The bubbling lines and soaring atmospheres really shine here and when the electronics build to a boil the widescreen atmosphere dissipates and the drummy groove returns for a peak time finish. Cid Inc. on the money as usual. Guaranteed to rock your dance floor, a great first release of 2013 from Mesmeric. Release Promo Hype Chart #1

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