Premiere | Magdalena’s ‘Schillerfalter’ On Leena Is Pure Sonic Warfare

We were lucky enough to catch up with Diynamic’s Magdalena in Ibiza to talk about her new release on Mobilee’s sister label Leena.

Hi Magdalena, it’s great to chat. A lot of people don’t know but you’ve been a key part of the Diynamic family since the beginning. 

Well, I actively got into the Diynamic Family by running the EGO club in Hamburg, I was Solomun’s and Adriano’s business partner, so to speak.

But even before that, I took part in their endeavours. At the first DIY parties I was taking care of the cash register, or the bar, or looking after the artists, so that everyone was happy 🙂

And then at some point Solomun asked me if I wanted to join the artist roster of the agency.

You chose to remain in the background for a long time. What finally made you to decide to push forward with your own career? 

To be honest, it was friends of mine who kept pushing me and telling me to start DJing professionally, not just for fun.

What’s been your biggest achievement?

I’m quite proud to have been booked as a DJ very well even before I had any release out there.

We premiered your track “Schillerfalter” from your latest release “Morphosfalter’ which is absolutely excellent. What was the inspiration behind it?

Sometime inspiration just hits you, and then you have to go with the flow 🙂

So you’re in Ibiza for the summer. Are your ponies back for more this year?

This year I have 4-5 dates at Blue Marlin; another very special occasion for me was at Pacha’s 50th Birthday event.

And of course, the ponies always ride with me 😉

Ibiza is a beautiful and spiritual island yet many just see their clubs and their hotels rooms. Can you tell us how you like to chill out there?

Ibiza is a really great island if you want to relax. At the beach, all by yourself, you can find special places, but to find the good spots I suggest you take a slightly longer drive. The food there is also amazing, I love it! And of course, there are also great parties for everyone.

What’s your goal for the next few years

To make people happy with my music.

Can you tell us your ‘go-to’ labels?

Leena, Siamese, Objektivity

How are you preferring to DJ (tell us about your setup)   

I use a Pioneer DJM2000 with (hopefully functioning 😉 ) CDJs. To me it’s also extremely important how the sound system is calibrated – proper monitoring and a properly set up sound system on the dancefloor are essential.

What can we expect from you soon

I have one upcoming remix on Click Records from Amsterdam, for very talented artist Innelea. Also, I have just received the funniest voice message from a friend, he was at an after party in Ibiza and you know how that can be… very entertaining 😉 I will definitely have to make this into a track!

And then of course some other things which I can’t talk about just yet 😉 You will find out soon!


What do you think?


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