Magnetic Brothers – Soul’s Memories (Balkan Connection)

I’ve written about the Magnetic Brothers a lot in recent years and I’ve always said they are grossly underrated. The Russian duo are some of the most versatile producers around but they’ve never really gotten the recognition they deserve. This week finds the Magnetic Brothers returning to Balkan Connection for their 18th overall appearance. They contributed the excellent ‘Soul’s Memories’ to the labels ADE Compilation which was released in September of 2013 and also closed the year out as part of Balkan Connection’s ‘Winter 2013’ collection. Balkan Connection’s 266th overall release features the official single release of ‘Soul’s Memories’ which includes two brand new remixes from: Napalm & d-phrag and Ewan Rill.

For those of you that were fans of ‘Soul’s Memories’ from BC’s ‘ADE compilation you’ll be pleased to know that the two new remixes more than do the original justice. First up is Napalm & d-phrag who we last heard from with their remix of Urban Chameleon on 3rd Avenue from a week ago. Something that many people have been noting is how the Napalm & d-phrag sound has really evolved over the last year. The duo seems to be focusing on a more refined and hypnotic sound which has been a delight for the progressive house underground. They’ve delivered a very cool and trippy rework of ‘Soul’s Memories’ which really stands out on this release. The club friendly groove is accented by piercing keys that have a unique metallic lustre about them and the surrounding haze of electronics is suitably intoxicating. Again Napalm & d-phrag have taken into account that a track doesn’t have to be 10 minutes long as the running time is once again quite short by prog house standards. This should have the full attention of your dance floor, great work from Napalm & d-phrag. The final remix is provided by Ewan Rill who has been one of Balkan Connection’s biggest contributors over the years. The Russian producers appearance here is his 44th on the label. As one of the more prolific producers in the scene Ewan’s productions still remain as some of the most reliable club tracks out there. He’s got a real gift for creating great grooves and his interpretation of ‘Soul’s Memories’ certainly proves that once again. The bubbly foundation is full of rolling energy and great character which is sure to get things moving on your dance floor. The surrounding elements here do just enough to enhance the groove and build energy throughout without pushing things too far. Another winning remix from Ewan and a great release from Balkan Connection.

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