Magnetic Brothers – You Hear Me feat. Ange (Deep Blue Eyes)

The latest release on Deep Blue Eyes finds the Magnetic Brothers showcasing their latest single entitled ‘You Hear Me’.

Magnetic Brothers

The Russian duo and Deep Blue Eyes owners have teamed up with vocalist Ange for one of 2015’s most enchanting tracks. There are also a variety of remixes from Magshine, Loquai and Gilbert Ramos which complement the original wonderfully. The Magnetic Brothers have always had a way with crafting strong progressive minded tracks and ‘You Hear Me’ is easily one of their best. It’s a bit of a throwback to the golden tears of progressive which everyone refers to. A bold groove, squelchy stabs and a complement of infectious rhythms makes it ideal for the dance floor and Ange who always sounds great sounds absolutely fabulous here. The breakdown builds emotion nicely before the stripped grooves along with Ange’s breathy vocals take you home. Beautiful work from the Magnetic Brothers and there is also a Dub included if you so desire.

The first interpretation of ‘You Hear Me’ is provided by Magshine who many will know as Anton from Magnetic Brothers. After debuting the new project on Whose Haus in April, 2012 Anton has added releases on Balkan Connection, Particles, Soundteller Records and of course his own Deep Blue Eyes imprint. It’s already been a nice beginning to the year for Anton with an appearance on the Whose Haus Forty-5ive RPM compilation and a single for Intemporal forthcoming. For his ‘You Hear Me’ interpretation Anton has crafted a more tech house inspired version which is quite lovely. It’s percussive framework is loaded with energy and Ange’s vocals get chopped up and processed to perfection. It’s a dubbier approach with lots of gates and snips constantly lighting up your senses. The funkier third act keeps things lively and propels the track to a groovy finish. Awesome remix from Magshine.

The second interpretation of ‘You Hear Me’ is provided by Loquai who is making his fourth appearance on Deep Blue Eyes. The Russian born Germany based producer is fresh off a wicked remix for Springa’s ‘Stay For The Show’ on System Recordings and also just released his ‘Dub Lion’ single on Majestic Family Records. For his ‘You Hear Me’ interpretation Loquai has stayed true to the bold vibes from the original and crafted one of his biggest remixes. Fueled by an electric groove, razor sharp synths and a more subtle take on Ange’s vocals the mix flows with huge energy to the main break. The third act strips things down a touch and it works amazingly well in building anticipation for an even larger conclusion. Excellent work from Loquai and like the main mix there is also a dub for the less vocally inclined.

The third and final interpretation of ‘You Hear Me’ is provided by Gilbert Ramos who is making his first appearance on Deep Blue Eyes. The US producer first appeared on the scene in 2012 with ‘Compatible Dreams’ courtesy of the Funktripes label. 2014 saw Gilbert get signed to Baroque Records and Mistique Music while 2015 has already gotten off to a great start with an appearance on Soundteller Records Vibrant Vibeland Vol. 3 collection. For his ‘You Hear Me’ interpretation Gilbert has gone deeper and more atmospheric with great results. It’s techy framework and dreamy layers close the package out on a strong note and once again there is a dub supplied for those that may prefer it. A huge release from Deep Blue Eyes with the Magnetic Brothers presenting one of their best ever creations. Highly Recommended.

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