Malta’s man on the rise; Melchior Sultana

We sat down with Profound Sound boss and producer Melchior Sultana to discuss his upcoming release ‘Timeless’, plans for the future & more.

Can you tell us a bit about this new ‘Timeless’ EP? How did it come to be? What was the motivation behind it?
Timeless as a whole EP is a reflection of a more energetic and rythmic side but still keeping my musical approach. I’m also very proud to feature a remix from my man Dean Demanuele, who gave ‘Timeless’ a very clean, club orientented dress.

‘Love For The Art’ came out quite recently and you have released several albums over the years. Do you enjoy spending a lot of time in the studio? Or did these all come together quite quickly?
Yes I spend most of my time in the studio where im either working on music, practicing, studying and all things music. I work very quickly but it’s always coming from my heart, there is no pre-planning or thoughts, if I’m not feeling it musically I just trash it. Most of my projects come together after I have an amount of music I am happy with and then decide what to do with it.

You have released a number of collaborative releases over the years, in particular with Deep88. What is it that you like about collaborations in general? And Deep88 in particular?
Im happy to collaborate with people I respect and love their music such as Owen Jay, Dean Demanuele and Deep88. That’s the main reason I accept to do collaborations.

How would you describe the scene in Malta? How would it differ from other Mediterranean scenes?
When it comes to clubs and events I think Malta has the potential to be the best. It needs better structure and professionalism but things are definitely happening on the island all the time.

Can you tell us a bit about Profound Sound?
Profound Sound is my way to be musically free without thinking too much if this track will work in a club or not. So with my label I live beyond that and treat music as music.

‘Timeless’ will be the second release on Profound Sound. Do you plan on keeping it as vessel for your own music or will you release music by other artists?
I already have projects with other artists that will see life on the next releases of Profound Sound, and yes I am very open to other artist’s music.

What would you say are the biggest differences between releasing your music on your own label versus releasing your music on someone else’s label?
The main difference is that on your label you control and own your music 100%. Also another big difference is that since it’s a new label I have to work twice as much on promotion and on the impression the music is making, with a big label you know the record will have more attention.

Do you have plans for the many performances over the Summer?
Yes this Summer is going to be very busy with gigs and I’m thinking all the time about how to keep my live setup fresh both musically and gear-wise. My live set up is changing all the time, I like changing the set for every gig and keeping it as a challenge.

Should we be expecting more releases from you in the rest of the year?
Yes, I have a lot of music coming out on various labels this year; Profound Sound, BattiBatti, Dazed & Confused, Deep Art Sounds and more.

What advice would you give to a young producer who is just starting out?
I think the best advice to give a young producer if they really think they have the talent and the passion is that to not be influenced and limited by the environment around them and to follow their heart and understand that music is a serious thing that needs full dedication of the time and focus of one’s life.

Melchior Sultana – Timeless (feat. Dean Demanuele Remix) is out 02/06 on Profound Sound.


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