Cocoon’s Markus Fix Shares Frankfurt Classics From 1992-2001

Frankfurt native & Cocoon man Markus Fix selects his favourite tracks from 1992-2001 era

1992 – Link – Amenity, Evolution

My very first record I bought at the old ‘DELIRIUM’ Record Store in Frankfurt. Of course, like many other people of my generation at this time, I had no money to buy records. But the feeling of being in a record store like this was great.

1993 – The Stickmen – Reach Out (Richmond Street Mix), Strictly Rhythm

I’d already known Strictly Rhythm from ‘DJ Pierre’. The funny story behind it is that I found the record at a flea market, but I did not know what was on it. My only thought was to just grab as many records as possible to learn how to mix.

1994 – X-313 – Spectra (Hardsignal Treatment), Generator Records

Played by Pascal F.E.O.S. in the weekly ‘HR3 Clubnight’, which had an important influence on the Frankfurt scene, and for me the chance to hear what kind of music is currently played in the clubs. From that point on, I knew that I wanted to go to Club OMEN.

1995 – Emmanuel Top – Stress, Attack Records

And that brings us straight to my first visit to the Club OMEN. I will never forget this morning when Sven Väth played this piece. Love how it builds up. GOOD MORNING!

1996 – Spacetime Continuum – Kairo (Carl Craig Mix)

This year, the first COCOON event took place in an off-location in Frankfurt and I really hope to remember the track was played by DJ Kudo. A lovely melody without being cheesy.

1997 – Earth Nation – Outburst (Live), Harthouse

On September, 12th 1997 was the last time that I listen to ‘Earth Nation’, in my then favourite Club OMEN, which was closed only one year later. I like to think back to it.

1998 – Partycrashers – Buy this Record, Klang Electronic

It continues with this track that Ricardo Villalobos played in the Club BOX, based at Willy-Brand-Platz in Frankfurt, and owned by the good old DJ Ata (at the time probably the hardest club to get in to). But this track goes very well with today’s music.

1999 – DJ Q – Q’s Disco, Go!Beat

Then there was the Club DORIAN GRAY. A Sunday visit at the Frankfurt airport put this piece to the charts. An unknown DJ played all night long on the small floor and this track was the highlight of his set. Really inspiring and I still love to play it.

2000- Alter Ego – Mensa, Klang Elektronik

2000 was my first visit to the Club ROBERT JOHNSON in Offenbach, where I listen to Alter Ego – Live. I have never heard such a good sound system! Every now and then, the taste of your music changes quickly, because of details, which you can hear on the dance floor, are totally different.

2001 – DJ Buck – Release the Tension, Bluem Records

And last but not least, my good friend Dorian Paic with this piece on a mix for the Club MONZA in Frankfurt and probably my favourite one. For me, it was an exciting year overall. I have played many gigs in and around Frankfurt and I got to know people like Bernd Maus, Dorian Paic & Meat, the owners of FREEBASE RECORDS.

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