Marc DePulse: What’s In Your Box

With Marc DePulse having new music out this week on Dear Deer we take a look at his favourite tracks of the moment in the latest edition of What’s In Your Box?

1. Skream – Face Down In The Water

Shazam is an amazing invention from the past years. It helps me finding pearls like this a little faster without steady asking for a “Track ID???”. This one caught my attention from the very first listen. I love everything inside this production because it´s so minimal and it never gets boring within those 10 minutes. A pretty nice floor smasher for the later hours when all eyes are closed yet but the mind is still raving.

2. Fideles – The Border

An arpeggiator you have probably heard a million times before but Fideles made it special anyway. “The Border” is a good example how to make electronic music productions sound simple. Of course it´s much more difficult to keep it that simple and minimalistic. Less is more. So I´m totally in love with this tune and I´m playing it in every set for some months yet and it always works fantastic on the floor. It´s not a filler, it´s a killer!

3. Anii – Ethanol

This one has been released on my imprint JEAHMON! a few weeks ago and of course needs to be part of my charts. When I heard this bassline for the first time coming in after the break I had goosebumps all over. For me, Anii is one of the best female producers these days and I´m crossing fingers she will share more of these fantastic emotions very soon again! She is definitely an artist you should have an eye on next year.

4. Raxon – Detla

Been a fan of this guy from the very first moment we met. “Detla” is another bomb out of maybe 10 other Raxon productions in my DJ playlists. Simply love the rolling sound inside his productions and how he keeps his sound unique. It don´t needs a lot of channels and fillers to make this track another winner.

5. Stas Drive & Mystep – Confess ft. Cari Golden

I´m familiar with these 3 artists involved so it´s much more fun playing tracks like this when you know who´s behind. This is a dancefloor bomb which makes every crowd going crazy. Love to spin this also within every set at the moment. Cheers out to Stas, Slava and the lovely Cari!

6. andhim – Huso

andhim are the best example how to fill the biggest floors worldwide without making shitty commercial music. I love the guys for this. Also for this track. It´s a primetime killer although it´s really deep down below. “Huso” is no corny radio stuff, it´s intelligent music built with heart, soul and tricky producing knowledge.

7. Tom Novy & Milkwish – Jupiter (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

I guess most of us are already tired of all these Progressive House basslines. But there´s always one artist who makes something special with it. I discovered Jerome Isma-Aes music the past months although he has been a big act in the Trance scene for more than a decade yet. Now our lines are crossing and I´m showing a lot of respect to his recent productions. This remix is huge on the floor by just having a few basic elements inside.

8. Super Flu – mygut (Solomun Remix)

Oh my god, he did it again. Is it worth asking Solomun for a remix? Yes, it definitely is! And this track shows his quality again: a huge build-up according to some mindblowing pads and synths with a part to troll the crowd a bit as it´s falling down completely in the break. How to transform a melodic track into a bomb. That´s it. Chapeau again and again, Monsieur Mladen.

9. Sebastien Leger – Nostalgia

I bought this track nearly half a year ago but I didn´t really discover the power behind until trying it live a few weeks ago. This is an example how to make the people scream with a deep melodic “Minimal-House” track. No pumping Techno bass, no stupid snare rolls needed. When nothing goes right in your DJ set, select this track. It makes you smile aswell as the happy people infront of you. Sebastien with another earworm including the perfect breaks inside. Note to self: listen and learn.

10. Ilona Maras, Sanja feat Billie Fountain – Curve Of The Horizon (Quivver Remix)

I had my fingers on the same track and as I won´t review my own production I prefer to show my respect to how others work with the same package of sounds and samples. That´s what it´s all about while remixing. Bringing your style and hand script into sound. Big love for this deep and dark groover, dear John Graham!

Marc has new music out now on Dear Deer, you can purchase the release: here


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