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Marcelo Vasami – City Reflections (Classound Recordings)

Luis Bondio’s Classound Recordings presents a brand new single from Marcelo Vasami entitled ‘City Reflections’.

Marcelo Vasami - City Reflections

The Argentinean producer is fresh off an appearance on the Whose Haus Forty-5ive RPM EP and also remixed Michael A’s ‘Frankield’ to kick the year off in early January. ‘City Reflections’ features more of Marcelo’s unmistakable grooves and includes remixes from Dousk and Antrim & Luis Bondio.

Marcelo’s sound has definitely gotten groovier and more engaging over the last couple of years. He has this amazing ability to craft trippy, hypnotic grooves that you just want to listen to for hours, and ‘City Reflections’ is definitely one of my all time faves from him. A foundation of pulsating swells sets the groundwork while a complement of rolling drums gets the momentum moving. Then the subtle motifs begin to surround the framework; an ominous pad and sci-fi style designs grab your attention first before a catchy set of tones locks in the rhythm. The main break strips things right down with the warm foundation and trippy designs building anticipation. You can cut the electricity with a knife here and some slow burning modulation only adds to the dramatic effect. A quick build precedes a third act which introduces more rhythmic structures and ultimately a groovier finish. Excellent work from Marcelo.

The first interpretation of ‘City Reflections’ is provided by Dousk who is making his first appearance on Classound Recordings. With the first quarter of 2015 now over Dousk has already made a huge impression on the year. The Greek producer’s interpretation of Kyo Koichii ‘Spit On You’ (courtesy of Clinique Recordings) has been one of this year’s funkiest interpretations and all indications are that the best is yet to come. A recent tour of Argentina saw Dousk with gigs in Cordoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires, all of which were exceptional as expected. For his ‘City Reflections’ interpretation we get more of that unmistakable Dousk magic. With some measurable funk injected into the groove along with fresh vocal elements and unique rhythmic designs the dance floor sensibility is about as high as you can get. The enchanting break, while relatively brief, adds intrigue and mystique. It does a lot for the depth and overall scope of the track and also makes the funky third act all the more powerful. Stunning remix from Dousk.

The second and final interpretation of ‘City Reflections’ is provided by Antrim & Luis Bondio. The Argentinean pair have worked together many times with their most recent offering ‘Export Dynamism’ coming courtesy of System Recordings just last week. Antrim and Luis seem to have remarkable synergy in the studio and they’ve shown that once again on ‘City Reflections’. They’ve taken Marcelo’s deep hypnotic lines and created their own dreamy and equally engaging surroundings to encompass the lead motifs. If you like getting lost in electric rhythms and elegant textures then this is likely the mix you’ll go for. Gorgeous interpretation from Antrim and Luis which rounds out an amazing release for Classound Recordings, one of the best on the label so far. Highly Recommended.

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