Marian Brito – Univers (Mistique Music)

Mistique Music’s latest features the debut of Marian Brito with his latest single entitled ‘Univers’.

Marian Brito - Univers

The latest release on Mistique Music features the debut of Marian Brito to the label. Hailing from Argentina Marian is a talented young producer who began his production career in February of 2012 with an appearance on BCSA’s ‘NuBlood IX’ compilation. Strong influences of the new progressive sound are evident in his work and he’s gone on to record two singles and a remix for BCSA. In December of 2014 Marian had his ‘Renacimiento’ production featured on 3rd Avenue’s popular ‘We Are The Future’ Series and now as 2015 is a month underway we see his first single for Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music.

Marian’s most the recent work, the aforementioned ‘Renacimiento’ was strong on several levels. It was quite enchanting but still possessed a strong dance floor sensibility. His latest entitled ‘Univers’ features a similar approach. It’s deep, full and rolling groove carries some serious weight while the delicate layers of melody captivate both your heart and mind. The way the primary musical themes of the record develop are very engaging as well, there is a wonderful flow throughout which the effortless sounding transitions contribute mightily to. An excellent production from Marian who no doubt has a very bright future ahead. Looking forward to hearing more.

The first interpretation of ‘Univers’ is provided by qoob who are making their first appearance on Mistique Music. The Russian duo had a very successful 2014 with releases on Asymmetric Recordings, Sleepless Nights and Welcome Music being just a few of the highlights. The two producers who make up the Qoob duo have very diverse musical interests and it certainly shows in the variety of music which comes out of their studio. From traditional progressive house to melodic techno the Qoob boys are always associated with quality electronic music and their ‘Univers’ interpretation sounds fabulous once again. Opting for a trippier and more techno influenced approach Qoob have delivered an excellent alternative to the deep and enchanting original. Fueled by electric sounding rhythms, momentous grooves and esoteric designs this goes down as one of the duos most epic remixes to date.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Univers’ is provided by Subconscious Tales who is making his second appearance on Mistique Music. Subconscious Tales is a new project from Latvian producer Ivars Tilix who is better known to electronic music fans as Tee-Ex which has been featured on Blackhole Records, Nueva Digital and Morphosis Records. The new alias was launched in July of 2014 with a remix and EP for Suffused Music. Subsequent releases on Mistique Music, BC2 and Bonzai Progressive soon followed and with that the projects deep, atmospheric sound struck a chord with the electronic underground. For his ‘Univers’ interpretation Subconscious Tales has crafted what is the largest remix of his career. It’s big chugging grooves, charged rhythms and rising atmospheres are pure peak time material. Phasing melodies and a gigantic build out of the break are sure to be huge on the dance floor and an even larger third act with emo-chord changes and epic lines closes things out right. Massive remix from Subconscious Tales and a top notch release from Mistique Music.

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