Matias Carafa – Lost Particle EP (Dopamine Music)

The 44th release on Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music welcomes Matias Carafa to the label for a brand new EP.

Matias Carafa - Lost Particle EP

The Argentinean artist began his production career in 2013 with an EP for Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music. Over the next two years Matias continued to develop his deep progressive sound which subsequent appearances on Baroque Records and Clinique Recordings showcased nicely. Matias now makes his debut on Dopamine Music with a new three track EP entitled ‘Lost Particle’ featuring a remix from label artist Anthony Yarranton.

The EP begins with ‘Lost’ which finds Matias crafting a deep and trippy tech house construction. Getting underway with tough beats and a brooding, bass heavy grind it’s sets an ominous tone straight way. As the track builds long granular sweeps and a band of intricate effects complement the powerful bass stabs. Mysterious vocal elements then play off each other wonderfully as the track begins to strip down into the main break. Here the effects storyboard continues to build intrigue and anticipation before the beats return and the vocal narrative expands for a great second half conclusion.

The EP’s second selection ‘Particle’ showcases a deep and equally enchanting sound. Dubby rhythms and metallic motifs lead the charge here along with more indistinct vocal elements. With momentum building a more prominent theme develops as big brooding stabs and waves of menacing effects pierce the air. It’s warped and twisted in the all right ways and the evolving vocal elements keep things fresh all the way through a powerful third act.

The lone remix of ‘Particle’ is provided by Anthony Yarranton who is making his third appearance on Dopamine Music. The UK producer is fresh off EPs for Kyubu Records and System Recordings along with remixes for Axon and Proton’s Particles. For his ‘Particle’ interpretation Anthony has added his own brand of funk to the track and the result is a groovy, late night bomb. Big rough bass stabs carve out an incredible groove while a more elusive take on the effects narrative adds further flair. Excellent remix from Anthony which complements the original wonderfully.

The third and final original on the release ‘Microbeats’ finishes the EP in fine style with more deep grooves and vocal storyboards. Once again Matias’ unique design quality’s shine here with dubby stabs and a bassy hypnotic hum leading the way. As waves of tripped out effects wash over the groove the digitized vocals continue to wreak havoc on your senses. A long and suspenseful break proves to be absolute magic with muted beats, aquatic designs and a slow burning build delivering the ultimate climax. A deep monster from Matias which rounds out a fabulous debut EP on Dopamine Music. Don’t miss it.

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