Matias Larrosa & Nico Sparvieri – Fibonacci Project (Seven Spirits Records)

The forth release on Seven Spirits Records welcomes Matias Larrosa & Nico Sparvieri to the label for their debut single.

Matias Larrosa & Nico Sparvieri

The Argentinean duo have been frequent studio partners in recent years and have appeared on Clinique Recordings, Soundteller Records and Massive Harmony Records. Their latest entitled ‘Fibonacci Project’ looks to be their strongest work yet and includes remixes from Subandrio, Vlada D’Shake and Alex Villanueva.

The release begins with the original mix which finds Matias and Nico crafting a deep progressive gem. It’s submerged beats, haunting atmospheric backdrop and delicate electronics make for an enchanting vibe throughout. The subtle build is offset with a gorgeous break of indistinct vocal samples and feathered designs, which sets up a deep and dubby return that’s sure to be a delight on your dance floor. Wonderful work form Matias and Nico.

The first interpretation of ‘Fibonacci Project’ is provided by Subandrio who is making his first appearance on Seven Spirits. The Dubai based producer caught the attention of the entire underground when his 3 track ‘Fractured Moment’ EP was released on Cid Inc’s Replug Records earlier this year. More recently Subandrio was announced as one of the winner’s in the Cid Inc. vs. Darin Epsilon remix competition which was just released and featured heavily on Beatport. For his ‘Fibonacci Project’ interpretation Subandrio has reworked the track in his own inimitable style. With a radical revamp of the bass line Subandrio has added some measurable funk to the groove all while keeping the deep, dubby and incredibly cool nature of the original intact. Swirling electronics and a band of subtle yet very effective rhythmic hooks make for a great conclusion and another excellent additional to Subandrio’s well kept discography.

The second interpretation of ‘Fibonacci Project’ is provided by Vlada D’Shake who is making his first appearance on Seven Spirits. The Serbian producer has been busy of late with another remix due out this week on Stellar Fountain and recently released work for Balkan Connection South America, Music To Please Friends and Welcome Music. Vlada’s done a masterful job on his ‘Fibonacci Project’ interpretation and the end result is a mammoth 13 minute journey into tripped out grooves and dubby textures. A variety of unique vocal edits along with several indistinct melodic motifs make the somewhat daunting running blow by pretty quick. Beautiful work from Vlada.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Fibonacci Project’ is provided by Alex Villanueva who is also making his first appearance on Seven Spirits. The Mexican producer is fresh off an outstanding release on Lowbit Records where the Lonya remix earned chart and radio support from both Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J. For his ‘Fibonacci Project’ interpretation Alex has given the track a bit more of a techno sensibility all while keeping the smooth, hypnotic vibe of the original. The tougher beats and prominent percs make it the most energetic version on the release and some brain melting synth sweeps also add some meanness to groove. The magic moment comes just following the break when the beats drop back in and that long electronic decay and hypno vocal loop work some serious sonic magic. Outstanding remix from Alex which rounds out an exceptional release from Seven Spirits Records. Highly Recommended.

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