Matias Vila – Buen Dia EP (Sound Avenue)

Matias Vila has been an integral part of the Sound Avenue label family since its inception. The Argentinean producer has appeared a total of 13 times on the Belgian collective with his most recent outing being the twelve minute opus (in conjunction with Madloch) ‘Reading Souls’. The 40th release on Sound Avenue finds Matias delivering his first solo EP for the label entitled ‘Buen Dia’ which includes three brand new studio productions.

The title cut ‘Buen Dia’ gets the EP off to a very strong start with a shimmering atmospheric intro that perfectly conveys the blissful vibes of what’s about to come. As the atmospheric overlay get washed away a chunky groove is quickly constructed with tough beats and a well carved complement of bass stabs laying down the foundation. Amidst the delicately building groove are a wealth of sonically charged electronics which push the track into a section of funky bass modulation and crisp breakbeat percussion. This expertly transitions the piece into a timely interlude which might be the highlight of the entire composition. The wistful vibes of the breakdown flow through a myriad of emotions which peak with a sense of hope and optimism. This well constructed story board not only fits Sound Avenue’s strong musical policy but also goes down as one of the finest moments in Matias’ career thus far.

The second offering ‘Buen Noches’ sees the stylistic imprint of the EP shifting into more thought provoking territory. The cinematic plucks, deliberate mid tempo groove and aquatically styled hits are fresh and vibrant. It’s a departure piece from Matias that not only adds creativity and depth to the EP but also sets up the 3rd and final composition ‘Calabazas’ perfectly. The haunting closer is rich with ethereal qualities and provocative musical themes. Beefed up beats, spiralling vocal pads and electrically charged rhythms carry the piece to another marvellously constructed interlude. Here the effects laden hooks get lost in a haze of irrepressible harmonics and emotionally rich overlays. It’s a fitting close to what is undoubtedly the most well crafted collection of music in Matias’ career. So much so that it leaves you wondering how he will ever top it.

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