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Mehmet Akar – A Kind Of Panic (Baires Records)

Mehmet Akar makes his Baires records debut this week with the much anticipated ‘A Kind Of Panic’.

Mehmet Akar - A Kind Of Panic

The Turkish producer had a quiet 2014 with just one released production but what a gem it was. Mehmet’s interpretation of Amezquita’s ‘Dalumination’ was one of System Recordings standout releases of the year and it’s still stuck in the minds of many progressive house fans. Mehmet’s debut single for Baires Records is entitled ‘A Kind Of Panic’ and it features remixes from Kintar and Santiago Garcia.

Mehmet’s always had a fresh, contemporary take on progressive music. The Turkish producer was perhaps first recognized for his talents in 2011 when he was announced as one of the winners of the Sasha Burn Studios remix competition. He followed that up with impressive outings on Agara Music, Outside The Box and Sound Avenue which all sit as career highlights. ‘A Kind Of Panic’ gets 2015 off to a great start with an even fresher approach. One aspect of Mehmet’s productions that I’ve always loved is the richness of character and sound. There’s been many a project he’s put out with really stellar design and that’s evident here again. The track begins with a deep, techno groove that’s well complemented with trippy vocal elements, shimmering pads and a soulful musical theme which is just starting to take shape. The mesmerizing quality of the effects carries the track to the break where the main theme gets fully realized amidst a bed of granular effects. It’s a slow and deliberate build coming back with the beats creeping in and element after element getting expertly dropped in as the tension continues to rise. It makes for a very tasteful conclusion and one that an educated dance floor would certainly go off to. Great stuff from Mehmet.

The first interpretation of ‘A Kind Of Panic’ is provided by Kintar who is making his first appearance on Baires Records. Currently based in Buenos Aries Jonatan Tesei aka Kintar heads up the Sudam Recordings imprint and also has Joof Records, Mistique Music and Sudbeat Music on his discography. Kintar’s sound has always been quite diverse and pulls from several genres. One thing that never wavers is the keen nose his work has for the dance floor. It’s abundantly clear that he’s logged a lot of hours behind the decks because his productions always come club ready. He’s certainly brought ‘A Kind Of Panic’ closer to a broader range of floors. The reworked groove comes with some incredibly funky hooks and a complement of grungy stabs keeps the dark room vibe quite strong. The records first act culminates with a rising, angelically styled pad which (along with the groove) drops out to reveal the main break. Here Mehmet’s soulful theme gets showcased quite tastefully before the groove thunders back in for a strong finish. Massive remix from Kintar.

The second and final interpretation of ‘A Kind Of Panic’ is provided by Baires Records boss Santiago Garcia who is making his 26th appearance on the label. The Argentinean producer would have to be considered an electronic music veteran at this point, his discography boasts close to 200 entries and he’s appeared on Flow Vinyl, Proton Music, Replug and several other cutting edge imprints. 2014 was a slower year production wise for Santiago with just a handful of new releases but all indications are that 2015 will come with much more. If his ‘A Kind of Panic’ interpretation is anything to go by we are all in for a treat then cause this is an exceptional remix. Santi has slowed the tempo down a touch and delivered a grinding, emotionally gripping epic. It’s slow burning build is fueled by hazy atmospheric shifts, aquatic designs and an array of cutting edge electronics. It’s a seriously moody piece but there are moments of enlightenment which are just incredible. The warped lines which dominate the latter part of the break are oddly compelling and the shimmering atmospheric prelude is just incredible. Excellent remix form Santiago and also my favourite on the release. An excellent return for Baires Records, let’s hope we see another release soon. Highly Recommended.

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