Michael A / Andrea Shu – 23.59 AM / Caravan (Genesis Music)

The much anticipated first release on Genesis Music features two quality cuts from Michael A and Andrea Shu.

Michael A - 23.59 AM

The entire electronic music underground has been anticipating the launch of Genesis Music. Founded by Belarus based producers Michael A and Dmitry Molosh Genesis Music looks to showcase the best in progressive and techno sounds. The labels inaugural release features label owner Michael A and Andrea Shu with two very strong cuts.

For those that are avid followers of Michael A you’ve witnessed a constant evolution of his sound this past year. The dark beats and starker electronic designs have morphed into something richer and more musical. ‘Indonesia’ released courtesy of Luke Porter’s Temporum Music has been a highlight and was also played and charted by Guy J. As a producer who has just launched their own imprint you certainly want the first release to be memorable and Michael has crafted something very appropriate here in ‘23.59’. Already played and charted by Hernan Cattaneo the track encompasses so many great elements which make contemporary progressive house so appealing. It’s deep and chunky foundation is full of wonderful groove and the subtle motifs along with drifting vocal elements floating through the piece are enchanting to say the least. It’s one of Michael’s all time best productions which sets the bar pretty high for both his and Genesis Music’s future releases. Excellent work!

The companion piece comes from one of Belarus’ freshest new names Andrea Shu. Andrey Shulga aka Andrea Shu has just one release under his best thus far. It was a collaborative effort with Genesis Music owners Michael A and Dmitry Molosh entitled ‘Boomerang’. The track was released just one month ago courtesy of Dave Shtorn’s Magic Room and featured a fresh and current take on progressive house. Now for Andrea’s debut solo production we get more of the same with ‘Caravan’. Backed by another groovy foundation and crisp electronics the dance floor sensibility is quite high. Several vocal elements and spacey designs carry the track with ease as the main rhythmic components contribute mightily to the groove. It’s a super smooth and very captivating tune, hard to believe it’s his first ever released solo production. Amazing work and can’t wait to hear more from this exciting new name. It rounds out an excellent first release for Genesis Music on a high note. If you’re not following this new imprint yet I suggest you start as there are a long line of great projects in the works from this crew!

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