Michael A – Distance (Superordinate Music)

Superordinate Music continues it’s incredible first year with a new single from Michael A this week.

Michael A - Distance

The Belarus producer’s phenomenal 2015 campaign has been much talked about. After countless chart, club and radio supported releases from Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J, Michael then launched his Genesis Music imprint which has quickly become one of this year’s best new progressive house labels. Now for his Superordinate debut Michael delivers two excellent cuts in ‘Distance’ and ‘Solid’. 

The lead track on the release ‘Distance’ has been making waves in the underground over the last month. Already reaching the #1 spot in Release Promo’s Top 100, the chuggy beauty it’s perfectly dialled in for today’s progressive minded dance floors. Rugged stabs and spiralling vocal gates carry the track, which slowly evolves into a wondrous blur of melodious colour. The main break brings things down nicely with those growling stabs adding some lovely character. A brief moment of serenity finds the vocal elements trailing through while the drums enjoy a sneaky rise to eventually initiate a great payoff and third act conclusion.

The companion piece ‘Solid’ sees Michael going deeper and a touch quirkier than we’re used to hearing. It’s a great change of pace and sits nicely alongside the massive ‘Distance’. As sinister vocal elements pan through the framework a rhythmic motif forms amidst the dreamy surroundings. Michael shows some nice restraint as just when the atmosphere reaches epic territory he dials it back for a stripped down entry into the main break. The funky groove dominates coming out of the interlude and the increasingly ethereal surroundings are definitely something to get lost in. Gorgeous work from Michael who presents two more top quality tracks here and Superordinate continues to be in the running for the best new progressive label this year. Don’t miss it.

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