MiraculuM – Neurone (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain finds label boss MiraculuM returning for a brand new single.


For those that follow the Hungarian imprint closely you know it’s a rare event that MiraculuM releases an original project on his own imprint. In fact, in the labels four plus year history the Hungarian artist has released just one single ‘Moonling’ in August of 2013. This year has seen more MiraculuM milestones, with the release of his first studio album (courtesy Stripped Recordings) and singles for 238W and Superordinate Music leading the way. His latest entitled ‘Neurone’ promises to be excellent and also includes remixes from Qbical and Vlada D’Shake.

MiraculuM’s sound has definitely evolved this year, his tripped out, melodic approach which many love him for still shines through but with perhaps a bit more refinement and focus on the dance floor. The same is true of ‘Neurone’ with its strong, tightly compacted groove and storyboard of dreamy motifs. Good music often takes you to a different space, where the stresses of everyday life are lifted and this definitely does that. The breakdown in particular just has such a nice effervescent quality to it that you want to listen to it endlessly. A bubbly third act conclusion complete with aquatic designs closes things off nicely and also vaguely reminds me of some of Platipus Records early and best material. Beautiful work from MiraculuM.

The first interpretation of ‘Neurone’ is provided by Qbical who is making his first appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Dutch producer and Manual Music label artist has really carved out his own unique sound (much like MiraculuM). His productions at times are instantly recognizable with all their interest quirks and sonically sculpted perfection. He’s a great choice to remix something of MiraculuM’s in my opinion and it has definitely yielded a great version here. The main themes are well conveyed but in a wonkier scope and Qbical’s punchy, dynamic beats give them a lot of bounce. A storyboard of indistinct vocal elements runs through the first act on into the break, where a bevy of drool worthy design tantalizes not only the senses but emotions as well. It’s a beautiful centrepiece and the third act keeps things cool with the prefect polish of Qbical’s groove and sparkling sonics taking you home. Lovely remix.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Neurone’ is provided by Vlada D’Shake who is making his eighth appearance on Stellar Fountain. If there was a list of producers set for bigger and better things in 2016 I’d definitely put Vlada on that list. The Serbian producer dazzled us with his Pleks EP on Balkan Connection last month and his unique approach to production is a delight for lovers of intelligent progressive house. His interpretation of ‘Neurone’ keeps things clean and refined with a firm focus on the dancefloor. Much like Qbical Vlada has added considerable punch to the groove while retaining some of the great elements from the original. Think slabs of bass charge forward as MiraculuM’s dreamy designs slowly adore the framework, ultimately leading the track into the break. The vocal elements play nicely here, indistinct and alien-like if you will but completely compelling and with those gleaming keys shining brightly what more do you need. It sets up a deep and driving conclusion which rounds out the EP nicely and continues Vlada’s streak of great productions as well. Beautiful release from MiraculuM and Stellar Fountain. Don’t miss it.

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