photograph of mixify clubcast in action

No this isn’t a joke, Mixify Clubcast is for real and is trying to change the way DJs perform. 

photograph of mixify clubcast in action

Mixify claims their technology helps venues/promoters to secure bigger artists from around the world at a fraction of cost, whilst providing fans a first-of-a-kind interactive experience.

We’re not sure if we buy it personally – so we thought we’d let you be the judge on the following…: 

  1. Would you pay to see a DJ perform in a club via video link?
  2. Do you think it’s possible for a DJ to rock 2 different crowds with the same set?
  3. Are you the kind of person that gets a buzz from seeing DJs perform live? 
  4. Could Mixify’s clubcast system take the fun out of clubbing?  
  5. Would you support Mixify’s system if it helped reduce door fees?

We’d love to hear your thoughts about Mixify Clubcast.  Is this the next big thing? Could it be a good thing for the scene? Share your opinions below.

  • Mark Betteridge

    Mark Betteridge is C-U's owner and founder. C-U was formed to support up and coming artists in the underground and promote genres that were being ignored by the dance music media.