Sergio Pellon discusses the return of Monkey Brothers

We spoke with head of Parallel & producer Sergio Pellon (AKA Monkey Brothers, Pellon) about his upcoming release on Parallel with Omer Grinker, his favourite places to perform, plans for the future & more. Check out what he had to say below.

Can you tell us a bit about the ‘Top Floor’  release? What’s your personal favourite track of the three?

Hello, and thanks for the interview.
This EP is very special for me. We have been working on it for the last three months. I wanted to use my voice, do something different. The tempo of the original songs is slow. I wanted to convey a heavy sensation that would envelop you in a sensation of waiting. “Top Floor” is walking slowly, until in a moment everything develops, the melody appears mixed with the vocals. And in that moment everything changes, the subject becomes sweeter. In “The Power Has Not Power” the sound is more electronic, with Electro touches, a discontinuous hype, acid sounds and the voice sweetens it. I worked a lot on the voice to be able to sing very sharp. The remix of youANDme I like it a lot. It takes the original theme to the opposite side, leaving the voice aside and coming to that chord in a captive and emotional way.

Are you still working on Monkey Brothers as a duo with your brother Ruben or has it become a side alias to your Pellon releases?

At this moment I’m in command of Monkey Brothers. Ruben is doing other jobs. We play together from time to time, for example the other day we were in Berlin, in Katerblau Club. But normally I’m playing alone. I have 2 projects; Monkey Brothers and Pellon. Different styles of music.

Tell us about your relationship with Omer Grinker?

Omer Grinker is a good friend of mine, and I have worked with him on several EPs. We understand each other very well musically. For me he is one of the best producers I’ve seen. He has something special in his productions. Always very emotional and melodic. I like working with him a lot.

Do you have a general approach to producing your tracks? Do you go into the studio with a plan or do you jam until something inspires you?

I do not like to prepare the productions too much before starting them. I prefer to connect my machines and from there to feel sensations. But for this EP it was clear what I wanted to do, I knew that the vocals would be an important part of the songs, and that the sounds had to be evocative.

Your productions tend to always have a very minimal but raw feeling
to them. Is this approach something that comes naturally when you’re producing?

Well, I have my style and my sound. But within that style I’m pretty open. I have been working with music for many years, and that has made me have many influences, and go through different stages. I do not want to close and pigeonhole myself in a unique style. I keep learning and looking for different sensations.

What’s your favourite release of this year so far?

It’s difficult to choose one. But I really like Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics.

Do you prefer producing or DJing?

I like them both. They are very different things. Producing music is being alone in your studio looking for a sound that fills you. it is an escape for the day to day. When you are a DJ you are looking to transmit sensations in a faster way, and the tools are different. Also influences the sound of the club where you play, the people, the atmosphere, the time you play. There are many factors that come into play

What is your favourite venue to perform and why?

I like many. I feel very comfortable playing in Moscow and in Berlin. Katerblau Berlin is one of my favourites. People understand music, you can risk more in your sessions. In Moscow, something different happens to me. I have played so much there that I feel comfortable, I know many people there, and I understand very well the sound they like.

What is your favourite piece of equipment that you own and why?

My favourite team in production is Supernova (Novation) I have been working with this synth for a long time and I get the best out of it. But I like to combine several machines depending on what I want to find at this moment.

Have you any upcoming shows or releases this year?

Of course. I have many concerts this year. I usually play two or three weekends a month. Next comes our stamp event in Off Week (Barcelona) and all the weekends until August are practically occupied. As for productions, I have prepared under the name of PELLON an EP that I like a lot. But let’s focus on this one that concerns us!

Monkey Brothers & Omer Grinker – Top Floor is out 31/05 on Parallel. Be sure to check out the C-U premiere of ‘Top Of The Second Floor (youANDme Remix)’.


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