Moonwatch3r – Wandering (Perfect Session Records)

The latest release on Perfect Session Records welcomes Moonwatch3r back to the label for a brand new single.

Moonwatch3r - Wandering

The Romanian producer has released the majority of his music on the Hungarian imprint with two originals and a remix already delivered. Now for Perfect Session’s 63rd release we see Moonwatch3r presenting his newest studio work ‘Wandering’ alongside remixes from Diplomatic Brothers and Snorkle.

Moonwatch3r has gained a nice following for his melodic, old school inspired productions. His most recent release, a remix of Axxound’s ‘Rush Hour’ exemplified that perfectly with it’s warm harmonies and emotive moments. On ‘Wandering’ we get another progressive house gem led by a mountainous groove and smart tonal lead. it’s strong rhythmic elements allow for a variety of atmospheric delights along the way, from granular sweeps to more indistinct designs. The main break builds drama with the lead slowly fading out, eventually revealing a piano theme which serves as the perfect centrepiece to the track. Delicate and emotional, it sets up a big moment when the groove drops and eventually leads to a smooth finale. Wonderful stuff from Moonwatch3r.

Both remixes included on the release take the track in a new and inspired direction. First up Diplomatic Brothers return to the label for their second appearance. The Maltese trio began their career in early 2012 with an EP on friskyRecords. However, over the last 4 years productions from the group have been scarce, with just 12 releases, which in today’s volume minded industry is a rarity. With just two new productions this year it’s certainly a welcome surprise to see them supply a remix here. The trio keep the great energy from the original with a moderately revamped but similarly driving groove. There’s a much stronger hypnotic vibe emanating from this as opposed to the original, largely due to the fluidity of the rhythmic elements, liquid like stabs and a bevy of trailing effects. The 10 minute plus running time is long but great drum fills, interesting transitions and an expertly executed break make it blow by pretty quick. Great remix from Diplomatic Brothers. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Wandering’ is provided by Perfect Session label boss Snorkle. The Hungarian artist is making his 29th appearance on his home imprint and also boasts a discography with releases on 238W, Abstract Space Records and Suffused Music. I’ve always enjoyed Snorkle’s productions, there’s a hint of the old school locked in his work and his most recent effort, a contribution to Suffused Music’s ‘Initializing Vol. 7’ collection, was a gorgeous piece to end the release off. For his ‘Wandering’ interpretation we get more of the same with a mid-tempo, atmospheric production that’s filled with subtle emotive qualities. The fuzzy haze which surrounds the spacious groove is wonderful and the phasing vocals are a perfect complement. Snorkle’s softer rework of the lead tonal theme is a unique touch and makes for many blissful moments, particularly coming out of the break and on through a smooth finale. Great remix from Snorkle and a well rounded release from Perfect Session Records. Don’t miss it.

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