Moshic – Gold Rivers (Mistique Music)

The latest on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music finds Moshic returning to the label with a brand new single entitled ‘Gold Rivers’.

Moshic - Gold Rivers

You have to go all the way back to 2010 for the Israeli producer’s first appearance on Mistique, Moshic’s remix of ‘Invisible Children’ by Michael & Levan and Stiven RIvic went down as one of the best interpretations of the classic and he’s since appeared on the label two additional times. Mistique’s 526th overall release now finds Moshic presenting his first single for the label entitled ‘Gold Rivers’ which is accompanied by remixes from Vlada D’Shake and MSZ.

Moshic has always had a way with crafting music that tells a story; his elaborate beats and distinctive themes are unique to him and it’s part of why he’s so loved in the underground. His latest ‘Gold Rivers’ might be one of his most enchanting creations yet. It’s progressive techno hybrid flows with remarkable momentum and the cross cultural themes which run through the piece are quite captivating. There are a bevy of sonic sprinkles as well which keep the mix exciting from start to finish; from the metallic coated keys to the ominous vocals to the layered beats, there is a lot to like here and it results in one of Moshic’s coolest productions to date.

The first interpretation of ‘Gold Rivers’ is provided by Vlada D’Shake who is making his second appearance on Mistique Music. It’s been a relatively quiet year for the Serbian producer but the release of ‘Maginot / Dwarf Pump’ on Music To Please Friends has been a huge highlight. The double a-side release was not only regarded as his best work to date but also performed very well in the Beatport charts. For his ‘Gold Rivers’ interpretation Vlada has reworked the groove into something with a touch more funk and broader dance floor appeal. It’s well carved bass stabs, smooth rhythms and chopped up vocals all make for an electric atmosphere and it’s dubby nature complements Moshic’s original perfectly. Brilliant remix from Vlada who continues to impress this year.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Gold Rivers’ is provided by MSZ who is making his 50th appearance on Mistique Music. The Toronto, Canada based producer has a long history in the underground and most of it has been heard though the Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic owned imprint. He’s certainly been quiet over the last year with his last released production coming in May of 2014. MSZ always had this cool hybrid of progressive house and trance which attracted fans from both genres so it makes sense that John OO Fleming has been one of his biggest supporters. Somehow Michael and Levan & Stiven Rivic have coerced MSZ out of semi-retirement for a pretty wicked remix here. A growling, cavernous bass line sits at the foundation and with it comes immense drive. The vocal elements get teased in over the framework along with those distinctive keys and vocally pads. The vocal storyboard comes into prominence as the groove strips down for the main break. It’s quite mystical and the anticipation generated from those growling bass tones is Immense. It’s all sets up a wicked re-entry and heavenly third act which long time MSZ fans should absolutely love. Huge remix from MSZ and it’s good to something new from him again. Awesome release from Mistique music. Don’t miss it.

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