Namatjira – Wergaia feat. Mz Sunday Luv (3rd Avenue)

The 72nd release on 3rd Avenue find Namatjira showcasing the first single from his soon to be released debut album.

Namatjira - Wergia feat. Mz Sunday Luv

The Dutch producer has once again teamed up with vocalist Mz Sunday Luv who he worked with in the past on ‘Painters Dream Time’ (released on Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings. Namatjira’s debut LP ‘Friends Without Benefits’ is hugely anticipated in the underground and ‘Wergaia’ certainly foreshadows some greatness to come, also included are remixes from BP and Sonic Union.

The original mix sets a lovely vibe to lead the release off. Namatjira’s groove is deep, dubby and comes with a wonderful hypnotic roll. The indistinct melodies which float so effortlessly around the framework are very alluring and make the introduction of the vocal all the more impactful. I’ve always thought there was something very mysterious about Mz Sunday Luv’s vocals and they certainly add a mystical presence to Namatjira’s well crafted groove. The eleven minute running time make look daunting but it’s just so smooth and pleasurable that it could even be longer and no one would notice. Amazing work and a great prelude to the album from Namatjira.

The first interpretation of ‘Wergaia’ is provided by BP who is making his first appearance on 3rd Avenue. The Belgian artist recently appeared on parent label Sound Avenue and also boasts releases on Sudbeat and Lost & Found. There are few better at crafting unique and timelessly themed records than BP and he’s turned in an excellent remix for ‘Wergaia’ here. Anchored by a strong groove with a wicked shuffle BP’s version sounds immediately dialed in for the dance floor. The slow burning nature of the original is well conveyed here but with a more spacious, live percussive feel, which is quite enchanting. BP follows the vocal storyboard and adds even more mysticism to it during the long stripped down second act. It’s a very crafty way of building that dramatic tension to further the journey and make for a very satisfying conclusion. Gorgeous work from BP who continues to be one of the most unique producers out there. For the less vocally inclined there is also a dub included as well which is a useful addition to the box no doubt.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Wergaia’ is provided by Erik Pettersson aka Sonic Union who is making his first appearance on 3rd Avenue. The Swedish born, UK based producer has had a relatively quiet 2015. Erik’s never adopted the volume based approach to producing that many artists have in recent years and his work is all the better for it. A collaboration with the always excellent Chicola for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music has been a highlight this year and his interpretation of ‘Wergaia’ has certainly been garnering it’s fair share of attention as well. Aptly coined ‘Tripple Layer Acid’ Sonic Union’s mix works around three expertly sculpted acid lines which conjure up memories of many classics of the genre. There’s quite a few unexpected twists and turns along the way which keeps the freshness intact and Mz Sunday Luv’s vocals although used sparingly work really well with the churning lines. Wicked remix from Sonic Union and one which has pleasantly surprised a lot of people, perhaps some more acid is in order then? Great release once again from 3rd Avenue. Don’t miss it.

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