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We give you a world exclusive look at Nanoplex’s long awaited debut LP “The Billion Dolar Brain” released July 7th on Flow Records.

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Nanoplex is a production duo consisting of Ben Coda and DJ Ipcress. The duos trademark fusion of progressive techno has always pushed the sonic boundaries of today’s conventional electronic music confines, and has always been aimed at the dancefloor. So I was curious as to whether or not it would be an album comprised primarily of club oriented tracks or if there would be a wider variance of material. It is certainly the former and given the limitations of an hour plus collection of music it can be a very hard thing to pull off. Nanoplex have really succeeded here though and they’ve also called on their friends Tripswitch and Neurodriver for some brilliant collaborative material.

From the opening sonic swirls and metallic haze of ‘Binary Awakening’ you know you’re in for a very stimulating listen. The tracks spacey intro sets a tension filled drift which eventually reveals the first beats at the two and a half minute mark. The galloping groove and delicate hypnotic lines craft a smooth but energetic 10 minute plus journey which sets the tone for the entire album. The tough beats, siren-like wails and rolling grooves of ‘V.I’ are next and the energy gets jacked up a few notches here. The psychedelic influence on the sound design is more than evident and a it’s also a welcome production hallmark here. The gnarly, ultra processed crunch sounds super fresh and in combination with the track’s energetic framework makes for a wicked dance floor workout.

The LP’s third cut ‘Sofa Surfer’ presents a somewhat funkier vibe with some very hook heavy bass stabs and catchy vocal elements. This is one of the LPs most genre stretching cuts and the welcome variance keeps the flow of the album quite fresh. The somewhat stripped down framework of ‘Der Plucke’ follows and it’s techno inspired beats, alien-like electronics and muted bass tones carve out a killer groove which builds nicely to a wicked break. Here distorted harmonic sheets intensify towards an exhilarating apex which reveals the powerful groove once more. The second half pushes the distorted rhythms even higher for what should be one of the albums best dance floor moments. The fifth selection ‘Another Crap Rave’ is another one of the funkier pieces on the collection. The tracks groovy underbelly is well complemented with cascading aquatic sequences, grinding electronic swells and old school vocal gates. A tension filled middle section goes down as one of the albums most intense stretches and when the beats and meaty bass stabs drop back in the club dynamics of the track really shine.

As the album reaches track six there is a definite sense of progression here as ‘The Collector’ continues to drive the energy higher. You can feel the story working towards something and there is an underlying tension or anticipation as a result. The Collector’s marked tempo shift along with its titanium coated beats, looping sirens and crunchy rhythms drive the album into a peak time fervor. This sets up the remaining two cuts ‘Technocat’ and ‘Bez’ which continue the peak times vibes of ‘The Collector’ and then cleverly begin to bring the energy down just a touch. The former which is a collaborative piece with ‘Neurodriver’ boast’s a plethora of cosmic lines and epic tonal qualities while ‘Bez’ returns to the funkier style of ‘Sofa Surfer’ and ‘Another Crap Rave’. The album closes with an ambient version of ‘Binary Awakening’ which after an hour of ultra-sonic cosmic rhythms is exactly what’s needed to round out this well crafted collection. The thing that’s tough about presenting an LP of club oriented material is having it make sense as a well told, cohesive story. For an album that’s comprised of 8 club oriented tracks it’s still remarkably well rounded and actually works quite well from a listener perspective. From a DJ’s perspective it’s an absolute goldmine. Highly Recommended.

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