Napalm & d-phrag – Box Of Dreams (Slideways Music)

Tim Penner’s Slideways Music returns this week with a brand new EP from Napalm & d-phrag.

Napalm & d-phrag - Box Of Dreams

The Canadian imprint is fresh off the release of Some Little Things ‘Puro’ EP, which at the time of this writing is on the verge of breaking into the Progressive House Top 20 on Beatport. The labels latest sees Napalm & d-phrag returning for their first EP entitled ‘Box Of Dreams’.

Hailing from Hungary and Bulgaria respectively, Napalm & d-phrag first appeared on Slideways in June of this year with their remix of Reiklavik & Alex Rusin ‘Blizzard’. The duos first EP begins with the title cut ‘Box Of Dreams’ which showcases the unique blend of styles they’ve become so loved for. It’s stripped, techno inspired beginnings quickly morphs into a laid back, psychedelic collage that’s just a joy to listen to. Long, trailing effects and moody motifs slowly assemble around the framework before a hopefully pad initiates the main break. The interlude’s solemn beauty is brief and quickly dissipates to a wastelandic collection of wispy effects. The beats drop back in with little fanfare and the tune is all the better for it as the third act continues the tripped out storyboard with new quirks backed by a dreamy environment. Wonderful track from Napalm & d-phrag.

The companion piece ‘Steampunk’ proves to be a great complement with a similarly tripped out yet much tougher and more direct approach. Strong drums in conjunction with a punchy kick and rough stabs make for a big presence all though the first act before the main break further assaults your senses. The electricity coming out of the break is perhaps the tracks high point with rolling hits and that gnarly stab tearing through the atmosphere. Luckily it doesn’t get too big as the third act unfolds, rather focusing on the strong groove and adding tension with a subtle wave of white noise. It finishes the EP off great and presents a slightly different side of Naplam & d-phrag’s repertoire which I hope we hear more of. Don’t miss it.

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