Nevee – So Intentional (Sound Avenue)

It’s been almost a full calendar year since 3rd Avenue presented Nevee’s debut single on the label. The Canadian’s producer’s ‘Steel And Stone’ delighted electronic music fans not only with her cutting sounds but also pristine vocals which were the highlight of the entire release. 3rd Avenue’s big brother Sound Avenue has always been an outlet for the more high profile projects and Nevee’s newest single is certainly well in line with the labels distinct vision. With her fans longing to hear her haunting voice again the Canadian producer has delivered something that is truly compelling here. Nevee’s newest studio creation and first single for Sound Avenue is entitled ‘So Intentional’ and it comes with a remix from the one and only Andre Sobota.

The slow building harmonic energy of ‘So Intentional’ is immediately captivating and it gently escalates to reveal a crisp set of bass tones which bubble with effervescent character. The uniquely groovy foundation sets the perfect backdrop for the brilliance that is to come. All great records have magic moments and the utterly haunting introduction of Nevee’s vocals more than fall into that category. Emotionally gripping and with a deep intensity Nevee’s breathy vocals truly shine against that funky harmonic foundation. Short drops combined with dynamic fills keep the energy building while a smoother resonance comes over the record towards the break. The short interlude provides the necessary tension for the return of Nevee’s meaty kick which sounds even larger against the now more down stripped framework. The records conclusion refocuses on the flowing harmonies which tastefully build to an emotional climax that just leaves you wanting more. 

The lone remix is provided by Andre Sobota who is making his return to Sound Avenue following an excellent remix of Daraspa’s ‘Rendro’ from April of this year. The Brazilian producer should need little introduction as he’s been one of the most loved progressive house producers of the last two years. Andre’s rise to electronic music stardom all began in 2012 when his remix of Coldplay & Rihanna’s ‘Princess Of China’ was picked up and played by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. Subsequent signings by Pryda Friends, Anjunadeep and microCastle have yielded what many consider to be some of the best electronic music releases of the last year. Andre is now one of the most sought after remixers of the moment and a firm favourite of Above & Beyond who have featured him numerous times on their infamous Group Therapy radio show. Andre’s interpretation of ‘So Intentional’ finds the Brazilian producer putting his own club friendly twist on the track. The tough beats and perfectly processed vocal elements are a match made in heaven while the uniqueness of Andre’s sound design really shines here. The two tension filled breaks will undoubtedly go down as some of the Brazilian’s finest work of the year and the dance floor reactions should be suitably immense as a result.

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