Nikko.Z – Close To Nogoya (Time Capsule)

The fourth release on Time Capsule is out this week and finds Nikko.Z making his debut on the label.

Nikko.Z - Close To Nogoya

The East Cafe owned imprint has remained pretty quiet this year but all three of their releases have been quite memorable, not something you can say about many labels today. The fourth looks just as exciting with Nikko.Z presenting his latest single ‘Close To Nogoya’ alongside remixes from GMJ and East Cafe. 

In addition to appearing on Sudbeat Music and Proton Music Greek producer Nikko.Z heads up the excellent Dopamine Music imprint. He continues to be one of his country’s top electronic music talents and ‘Close To Nogoya’ just adds to a long time of great productions. Beginning with a dramatic, DJ friendly intro it’s not long before some cross-cultural themes develop around the framework. The tribal tinged drums and smooth rhythms are quite inviting as a slow rolling modular theme carries the track into the break, just as a piercing tone fades into the mix. The main motif fully develops amidst the tone bending haze while some scattered drums fills gradually build tension. It’s a masterfully constructed break by Nikko and the payoff is just right on the largeness scale to go totally off without being overbearing. Monster stuff from Nikko.

The first interpretation of ‘Close To Nogoya’ is provided by GMJ who is making his first appearance on Time Capsule. The Aussie producer has somewhat quietly had one of the best years of anyone in the prog-house underground. A steady release schedule has shown the world what a creative talent he really is and it’s pretty clear he puts a lot of time and effort into each and every production. That concise approach certainly hasn’t changed on his ‘Close To Nogoya’ interpretation, with a bevy of intricate designs and inspired motifs scattered throughout. The cross-cultural vibe comes through nicely but in a tripper and altogether more subversive way. It’s just an amazing audio collage and production style that not many producers seem to follow these days, and it’s got enough groove and floor sensibility to work in a broad range of sets. inspiring stuff from GMJ.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Close To Nogoya’ is provided by East Cafe who is making his second appearance on the label. The Hungarian producer and Time Capsule label boss is fresh off an appearance on the acclaimed Unique Series II from Golden Wings Music last week, and continues to be one of his country’s most recognized progressive house producers. In a year that has seen East Cafe earn chart, radio and club support from Hernan Cattaneo it’s hard to say what might be next but his productions are bound to take him somewhere special. His ‘Close To Nogoya’ interpretation closes the release out on a large note with big full grooves, incandescent tones and sultry hooks all wrapped up in a modern progressive house vibe. It’s a wonderful vortex of melodic energy which Nikko’s unique themes complement perfectly. Massive remix from East Cafe and a top notch release on Time Capsule once again. Don’t miss it. 

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