Noa Romana & Deersky – Planetarium (Soundteller Records)

Deersky’s Soundteller Recordings has reached its 20th release this week and it features the return of the Noa Romana & Deersky production team to what would have to be considered their home imprint. The much loved production duo were an influential part of the newer more hypnotic brand of progressive house which really started to take shape a few years ago. Their early productions on Mistique and Crossfade Sounds showcased a much smoother, spacier and more fluid sound which has now become one of most contemporary styles of progressive house. The duos newest studio offering is entitled ‘Planetarium’ which includes remixes from Arturo Hevia, Dmitry Molosh and Miraculum.

The original mix from Noa and Deersky is one of the standouts on the release. If there ever were a pair of producers that have mastered crafting timeless sounding progressive tracks it would be Noa & Deersky. Trends in progressive house generally age quick and by age I mean start to feel and sound old but it’s a rare event that a production from these two sounds locked in any particular snapshot of time. Smooth effortlessly flowing music with pleasing sounds will never fall out of fashion because it will for the most part sound mature and refined. The big ‘fuck off’ sounds of electro house will and have aged quickly because there’s only so much of it that a sane, intelligent person can take. You could listen to ‘Planetarium’ in 10 years though and there won’t be anything offensive or passé sounding about it and that’s the magic here. Of the remixes Arturo Hevia’s provides a very worthy complement because it is so much chunkier and carries a very cool vibe as well. Dmitry Molosh has reinvented the smooth, spacey qualities quite nicely and proves that he’s got the potential to be one of this year’s break though producers. But for me I always tend to love Miraculum productions and that’s what closes the package out really strong. The Hungarian producer has taken the sound design a step further here and your left with something quite memorable. The delicately spacey accents during the main drop are really unique and futuristic sounding which is sure to create a wicked vibe wherever it’s played. The second half of the record adds even more character with some lovely granular processing which offsets the heavenly scope of the record perfectly. Awesome stuff from Miraculum and a great release for Soundteller.

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