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OMB – CC-121 (Baroque Records)

The latest release on Baroque Records sees label artist OMB returning for a brand new single entitled ‘CC-121’.

OMB - CC-121

The Japanese producer closed out 2013 on the storied UK label with ‘Naica Crystal’ which was not only regarded as his career best work but set up a 2014 which included singles on 3rd Avenue and Bass Works Recordings. OMB’s latest ‘CC-121’ once again comes as the year is drawing to a close and with two excellent remixes from FrameOn and Martin H & Andy Weid it looks to be one of Baroque’s best releases of the year.

OMB’s production influences have always treaded somewhere between progressive and techno. ‘CC-121’ falls somewhere nicely in the middle once again. The tracks funky foundation, catchy vocal elements and unique stabs lay down a great framework. A nice complement of electronic sweeps and choppy drums builds things towards the second act as a melodic theme begins to creep in. The piece momentarily strips itself down but avoids the much expected ‘main breakdown’ and transitions quickly back to a stripped down portion of the groove. The funky second half is just as lively as the first and the additional sheen of harmonious feedback delivers an exhilarating conclusion.

The first interpretation is provided by FrameOn who is returning to Baroque for his second appearance. The Russian producer delivered his ‘Aquarium’ single for the label back in April of this year and also has releases on Balkan Connection, Electronic Tree and Pro-B-Tech Records on his discography. For his ‘CC-121’ interpretation FrameOn has turned in a much funkier and more stripped down affair which complements the original very well. The rolling foundation is what really grabs you here; it’s incredibly catchy and the modulation keeps it’s fresh throughout. A gaseous main break reinvents the subtle harmonies from the original in a delicate and tasteful manner which results in a very spacey conclusion.

The second and final remix is provided by Martin H and Andy Weid who are returning to the Baroque label collective following a remix for ‘Think It Over’ by the Clickaholics. For their CC-121′ interpretation Martin and Andy have crafted a late night tech house remix that works incredibly well. From its subtle acid lines and enchanting vocal stabs to its catchy percussion and smooth hypnotic flow there is a lot to like here and it should find favour with a broad range of DJs. It’s the standout version on the release for me and it caps off another much anticipated release on Baroque in fine style. Don’t miss it.

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