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Orsen – Look Twice EP (Replug Records)

The latest on Cid Inc’s Replug Records finds Orsen making his label debut with ‘Look Twice’.

Orsen - Look Twice

Dan Baseley aka Orsen hails from the UK but now calls Austria home. His love for multiple styles of electronic music, unusual field recordings and sound design are a big driving force in his music, allowing more creative freedom to stamp his individuality on his productions, subtly mixing up found sounds, analogue fueled beats and ethereal designed sonics throughout his releases. Initially working under the Futuremass moniker the urge to explore different stylistic blueprints spawned the birth of Orsen in 2014 where he first appeared on Sounds of Earth and his own Optimized Recordings imprint. Orsen’s first release of 2015 and debut EP for Replug Records is entitled ‘Look Twice’ and it includes three brand new original productions.

The lead track ‘Look Twice’ gets the EP underway and immediately Orsen’s unique sound sculpting prowess is evident. It’s acidic groove drives forward with a wonderful roll while an array of esoteric designs add depth through variation and momentum. As the main break commences the acidic underbelly gives way for a shimmering lead motif. A brief and calculated modular build then reveals the groove once more as a bevy of sonic sprinkles get dropped in for a rousing conclusion. Definitely one for the progressive new school and another standout production from Orsen.

The EPs second selection ‘Gyre’ finds Orsen crafting a quirky club construction. At the tracks foundation is a well carved groove that carries enormous bounce and funk. Exhilarating lines, sparkling percussion and waves of muted bass tones complement the groove perfectly as the main break approaches. With the energy and anticipation now at a feverous peak the charged rhythms rise higher for a thrilling re-entry that’s sure to be electric on the floor. A very worthy complement to the hefty ‘Look Twice’.

The EP’s third and final selection ‘Snapdragon’ showcases a techier side of Orsen’s studio repertoire. Backed by a wobbly, subterranean groove this one carries a massive presence straight away. Granular hits, percussive waves and mystical lines present a fresh energy as the track develops over its first act. As the beats gets washed away the pulsating underbelly carries the piece into the main break. Built on a series of moody motifs the mesmerizing one minute interlude sets up a tasteful drop which pushes this late night floor burner on to an exhilarating conclusion. It’s rounds out an exceptional debut EP on Replug Records for Orsen who you’ll definitely be hearing a lot more about in the future.

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