Oscar Holgado – Dutch Crowd (Baroque Records)

By all accounts Oscar Holgado has had a tremendous year. The Dutch producer’s ‘al-andalus’ single on System Recordings was one of the year’s standout releases and his subsequent appearances on Balkan Connection really hit the spot as well. This week sees Oscar returning to Baroque Records for his second appearance and first EP for the label. Oscar delivered a remix of C-Jay & Yoram’s ‘RadioSchaduw’ for the legendary imprint in August of this year and his debut EP entitled ‘Dutch Crowd’ looks to close out 2013 on a very high note.

Already sitting at #32 in our overall Hype Chart ‘Dutch Crowd’ is certainly one of Oscar’s strongest studio creations to date. The punchy framework slowly morphs into something of delicate beauty. Cinematic soundscapes add a wonderful emotional backdrop as the track reaches the first break. Here a hook heavy set of rhythmic synths develop and really enhance the groove as the kick drops back in. It’s one of those tracks with a very electric vibe and the subtle changes in the hook are absolutely brilliant. Wicked vocal gates and additional epic lines further complement the track on it’s way to an exhilarating conclusion. Huge work from Oscar on this one. The companion piece ‘EME-P3’ carries an even more invigorating vibe. Rolling synths and unique clap patterns really standout here and make for a rousing peak time affair. A gorgeous female vocal carries the track into main drop where a new lead line is introduced and adds perfectly to the already huge energy of the composition. The track builds endlessly to a huge climax with sections of the vocal reappearing along with a tension filled backdrop which should see some hands in the air moments. Two solid cuts from Oscar and a massive release from Baroque, one of their coolest of year in fact. highly Recommended.

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