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Oscar Holgado – There Is No Time (Crossfade Sounds)

Spanish producer Oscar Holgado finished 2013 off with considerable momentum. Final quarter appearances on Baroque and Balkan Connection capped off a year that was most certainly highlighted with his ‘al-andalus’ single on System Recordings. This week sees Oscar with his first release of 2014 and also his debut appearance on Sound Avenue’s Crossfade Sounds imprint. Oscar’s debut single for Crossfade Sounds is entitled ‘There Is No Time’ and it comes with remixes from: Dontknower and Alex Villanueva & Kaban.

‘There Is No Time’ features Oscar crafting once of his most unique compositions to date. The tough framework and heavy percussive vibe is quite impactful early on and the surging bass stabs lay down a very energetic groove. A short break introduces a cool vocal sample and along with it a very timeless musical theme. The techno influence is undeniable here and the continual development of the lead is incredibly captivating. Following a brief transition section where the groove gets stripped down just a touch those lead rhythmic tones begin to intensify and build to a wicked climax that is going to be perfect for the dance floor. Top stuff from Oscar and like I said early definitely one of his most unique creations to date.

The first remix is provided by Dontknower who is making fifth appearance on Crossfade Sounds. The Greek producer first appeared on the label with his remix of Lenny Lenoks ‘Emotions’ which was released in July of last year and then he quickly followed that up with his ‘Bobby Cooper’ single in August. Dontknower’s interpretation of ‘There Is No Time’ is his first production of 2014 and with that he too has gotten the year off to a great start. The Greek producer has slowed the tempo down just a touch and maintained the cool percussive vibe of the original all while reshaping the lead elements into something much trippier. The laziness of the lead elements is actually quite intoxicating and really enhances the swing of the overall piece in the process. The vocal elements have been used substantially as well which carries the back room vibe of the track quite well. Very nice work from Dontknower.

The final remix comes from Alex Villanueva & Kaban who are making their first appearance on Crossfade Sounds. The Mexican duo have worked together in the past on many occasions, most recently for Clinique and Balkan Connection. Their interpretation of ‘There Is No Time’ puts a deeper and significantly more atmospheric twist on Oscar’s original. They’ve used the vocal elements really well with a wealth of trippy gates and effects; it reminds me of Space Manoeuvres ‘Stage One’ just a little bit actually. The cool, hypnotic effect of the groove is what really stands out here though. Nothing big or overblown just a cool groove with an effortless glide that’s sure to be great for the dance floor. It puts a perfect close to Crossfade Sounds first release of 2014. Highly Recommended.

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