Pablo Bolivar Shares His Thoughts On Barcelona’s Music Scene

We catch up with Barcelonian Pablo Bolivar whilst he’s on the road touring the US and Canada.


Hi Pablo Bolivar – thanks for taking the time to chat with us. What’s been going on for you so far in 2017?

Pablo Bolivar: it’s a pleasure to chat with you guys. I need to say that 2017 is going really nice. I’ve been touring the US, now I am in San Francisco and going to Canada tomorrow. I started the year with my EP “Seconds of light” released on Seven Villas and recently I’ve released “Hideaway” on Endless, so, yes, so far so good.

You’ve been producing music for more than 10 years now – what changes have you noticed in the music scene and in Barcelona?

We are living a crazy technologic era, now you can create a song with your iPad and stay connected with your fans every second on the road, back in 2004 I think it was impossible. In Barcelona the scene is still growing, there’s great new clubs such as R33 and Red58 doing amazing parties/programs, and also the classics as Nitsa, Razzmatazz or Macarena are still working so nice, we don’t need to talk about Sonar, its huge now.

What current artists / labels you are listening to?

I like the crazy electronics Vakula is producing, also Kink, Iron Curtis, Luca Bachetti, Dave Pad… or the style of Dial, Kann and Needwant labels. And of course always supporting my Seven Villas artists and label friends.

We read in another interview you are a self-described “music addict”, who often spends 10-15 hours in the studio – Could you tell us a bit about more about how you approach producing?

Well, producing for my projects Bolivar, Mind Groove, Pulshar, Velmann and running Seven Villas and other studio works absorb all the day. I try to separate studio time from office time, but sometimes it’s difficult.

You just released your first EP? on Barcelona label Endless – could you tell us a bit about the release?

I really like the style Luca is doing with Endless, my target with those two tracks was to release them together in one EP, and Luca was very interested. We met at my studio, listen to the tracks, adjusted a couple of things on “Dahnser” and then we were done. It was fantastic that he release it on a white vinyl together with his last “Vento” tracks, I think it is a must have on vinyl.

You’ve also got an upcoming project out on Culprit – How did you link up with the LA label?

My friend Javier put me in contact with them, I sent some tracks to them and they where very interested specially in the track “All clear”. Then I started to produce more tracks to complete an EP, and that’s it, we have 3 beautiful original tracks and a stunning remix from Kevin Yost.

We noticed you recently played some shows in the US; do you often link up with DJs/producers in the States?

I try to visit the US every year, I really like the country, visiting my DJ friends and playing around, California is so cool.

Your label Seven Villas is continuing to put out a number of excellent releases from a variety of names – Are these producers you personally approach to get involved or perhaps meet during your travels in a more organic fashion?

Yes I prefer to meet the artist personally, but I receive lot of demos every week, I like to listen to all of them and discover lot of talent out there.

The black & white artwork for Seven Villas releases really captures the dark, atmospheric style of the music – how important is the visual aspect to your music?

For me it’s very important, a bad art cover could destroy the seriousness of the release, even more in physical editions. For the next vinyl editions I will make generic covers following the label style.

What other plans do you + Seven Villas have for the rest of the year? Any other exciting releases from you our readers should keep an eye out for?

Yes, after the Culprit I will release an EP on the classic Moodmusic label from Berlin, after that a housey EP on Peppermint Jam featuring the vocals of John Vermont and a fantastic remix from Ian Pooley, and in the summer, a track on the Suol Summer compilation with my friend Garcynoise.

On Seven Villas we have many new talents coming out, as Usmev with a strong remix from Kresi, and new releases from Modd, BdTom, Yarosslav, and a new compilation of “Soft, Deep & Dark”.


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