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Patchy – Control (Manual Music)

Patchy was one of 2013’s most pleasant surprises. The UK producer had her ‘Illuminations’ album released on Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music label in June and it’s an LP that got more than a few plays from me. The bright and vibrate electronic pop that Patchy presented was incredibly refreshing and it certainly showcased her broad range of influences really well. There have already been two singles taken off the album and this week Manual Music is presenting the third. ‘Control’ was the seventh track on “Illuminations’ and it was also one of the more up tempo cuts clocking in at around 120 BPM. The broken beat framework had incredible swing and the hypnotic elements were fun and playful which is quite nice as a lot of times electronic music may take itself a bit too seriously. Patchy’s vocals were the real standout element though; truly dynamic and full of wonderful character. I can’t help but hear a touch of Madonna in her vocals which is of course a great thing. Manual Music’s 123rd overall release features the official single release of ‘Control’ and with it comes two brand new remixes from: Qbical and Aatlas.

Qbical has been one of Manual Music’s biggest contributors over the years. His remix here marks his 34th appearance on the label and he also masters all the Manual releases as well. The Dutch producer has done a great job bringing ‘Control’ to today’s contemporary dance floors. A spacious and wonderfully bouncy groove lays down a great foundation while some wobbly electronics tease the senses quite nicely. This leads to the introduction of the vocal which is quite a magic moment. The sweeping gates of ‘Control’ sound unabashedly blissful and the dancing keys which follow are loaded with amazing electronic ‘pop’. The constantly evolving takes on the vocal keep the production fresh all the way through and rest assured there are some substantial hooks along the way. A definite winner for the more clued up floors out there. The second and final remix is provided by Aatlas who are making their first appearance on Manual here. The Italian trio has just one credit on their discography but nonetheless they’ve provided a great complement to Qbical’s version here. The punchy bass stabs which make up the forceful groove are quite unique and when combined with the relatively straight forward drums create a very powerful groove. The underlying vocal gates smooth out the choppiness of the production as well and give it a nice hypnotic swing which should go a long way on the dance floor. Either way you’ve got two very different and two very solid new versions to choose from here.

Also included on the release is a new original track from Patchy entitled ‘Friend’. Once again it finds the UK producer with a very soulful sounding creation. The mid tempo groove is warm and pulsates with great shape while Patchy’s vocals present a lovely  heartfelt vibe which casts a substantially emotional tone over the piece. It’s the perfect track to wind down this varied collection of mixes for ‘Control’ and leave you longing for some new material. A fabulous release from Patchy which is to be expected because any fan of the movie Uncle Buck must have a good thing going on.

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