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Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue – You’re My Habit (Manual Music)

The 125th release on Manual Music sees label boss Paul Hazendonk revealing the first single from his much anticipated debut album ‘Adapt’. The album’s first single is written in conjunction with Noraj Cue and it comes with an interesting title and one that carries great meaning. ‘You’re My Habit’ is a romantic ode dedicated to the love of Paul’s life and it’s certainly a worthy single to kick off the promotion for ‘Adapt’ as it comes with remixes from Lank and Rob Hes.

Paul’s work with Noraj is quite difficult to describe at times. There are elements pulled from so many genres and emotions that the result is generally quite unique and inspiring. ‘You’re My Habit’ is a very musical piece with a wonderful laid back techno vibe. Sparsely laid out pianos, bubbly melodies and drifting pads provide a lovely emotional soundscape while the well shaped funkiness of the records foundation keeps it very groove oriented. The shimmering, hypnotic beauty of the drop is quite breathtaking and would have to be considered one of Paul and Noraj’s best musical pieces to date. It’s a gorgeous interlude that’s definitely going to captivate club goers and home listeners equally and it sets up an even funkier second half of the record perfectly. If the quality represented here is anything to go by ‘Adapt’ should be a candidate for one of the best underground albums of the year.

The remixes take things on a much more dance floor inspired route with Lank working some of his bass line magic here The Hungarian producer’s character laden foundation is full of undulation and wonderful elastic qualities. Lank’s been really quiet of late aside from a remix for Darin Epsilon’s Perspectives Digital and I have to say his production brilliance is really missed. This is an exceptional remix that builds to an amazing melodic conclusion. It’s emotional and a touch quirky with some really catchy hooks and modulation. Definitely one of his best productions to date and a great complement to Paul and Noraj’s more laid back original.

The second and final remix of ‘You’re My Habit’ comes from Rob Hes who has been much hyped of late. The Dutch producer has appeared on cutting edge imprints like Bedrock and Sudbeat along with more commercial labels such as Toolroom. Rob’s also been a favourite of Hernan Cattaneo in recent months with his remix here along with several other productions receiving chart support and radio play from the storied DJ. At the time of this writing Rob’s ‘You’re My Habit’ remix is sitting in the top 10 of our overall Hype chart and the DJ support has been glowing. Rob’s one of those producers much like Egbert or Microtrauma who just have their production completely dialed in. His ‘You’re My Habit’ interpretation is a fine example of that with its dynamic beats and crystalline production qualities. The delicate textures and celestial harmonics of the record are what really shine though. There are some special moments throughout the tracks eight minute duration which are rare nowadays and that’s what makes it my favourite version on the release.

Also included is a second original from Paul and Dutch producer Giorgos Gatzigristos entitled ‘Adorno’. It’s inclusion just adds to the overall brilliance of the release and it’s a much bigger sounding track than you might expect given the Dutch duos discography. The tough beats and big grooves combined with rolling rhythms and haunting vocal elements put a powerful stamp to close the release out and just make Paul’s upcoming album that much more anticipated. One of Manual’s all time best releases in my opinion with Lank and Rob Hes delivering two of the finest remixes of their respective careers.

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