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Pete McCarthey aka On&On – Maggie (Dopamine Music)

The 24th release on Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music sees Pete McCarthey returning to the label. The Greek producer has not only appeared on Dopamine twice previously but he’s also an integral part of their A&R team. Pete’s ‘Maggie’ production was one of the standout selections on Dopamine’s first ever exclusives compilation entitled ‘VAC’ which was released in December of last year. The Greek producer’s highly infectious, crossover sound was perfectly represented within the tracks driving, hypnotic construction. Regarded as one of Pete’s most engaging compositions of 2013 it put a perfect close to the year which saw him totally overhaul his sound into something much more contemporary. Now for Dopamine’s 24th overall release we see ‘Maggie’ getting a much deserved single release along with a brand new remix from Kosmas Epsilon.

Kosmas Epsilon has been one of the most storied progressive house producers over the last ten years. The Greek producer practically revolutionized the melodic progressive sound (along with Luke Chable and James Holden) back in 2004 with his early productions on Deep, Precinct and EQ Grey. The Kosmas sound has certainly evolved over the years and it’s stood the test of time extremely well. Now opting for a much more contemporary take on house music Kosmas has provided an excellent interpretation of ‘Maggie’. The strong percussive groove and undeniably catchy lines provide a stellar foundation at the outset. The rolling claps and escalating modulation build some nice energy as the main breakdown approaches. Serving as the ultimate centrepiece the break introduces a perfectly woven pair of melodic themes which twist their way in dynamic fashion as the powerful beats return. The second half is dominated with a sequence of melodic bass stabs which are not only deeply emotional but play off the spiraling electronics perfectly for an exhilarating conclusion. An absolute monster from Kosmas Epsilon.

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