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Qbical – Plane.Arium 2.0 (Manual Music)

The 128th release on Manual Music sees the return of Qbical to the label for his 35th overall appearance. The Dutch producer is presenting a follow-up to his ‘Plane.Arium’ EP which was released in May of 2011. The first part was led by ‘Enceladus’ which to date has been one Qbical’s most well received productions. The long awaited follow up is out this week and it contains two brand new original productions along with a remix from Ron Flatter.

The lead track here ‘Kepler’ may go down as one of Qbical’s most memorable and crowd pleasing productions to date. As the quirky electronics intensify with layers and layers of mind bending modulation the soft harmonic sheets continue to rise to the forefront of the mix. It’s an intense blend of euphoric melody and truly sonic sound design. Big doesn’t even begin to describe it, on an up for it dance floor this is sure to be the track that sticks in people’s heads once the night is long over. Fabulous stuff from Qbical. The companion piece ‘Plato’ offers up some serious funk which complements the peak time sensibilities of ‘Kepler’ quite nicely. All Qbical grooves are incredibly unique and rich in character which is certainly the case here. The shapely acid lines carve out a spectacular foundation while the offset vocal elements and prominent keys add a tastefully epic vibe that is not only exhilarating but still totally contemporary. Both originals here are just excellent. I’ve always thought that Qbical was one of the more underappreciated producers out there and these two productions really deserve your attention.

The final track on the release is a brand new remix of ‘Kxy’ which was originally released on Qbical’s ‘The Night’ album. The new interpretation comes from Ron Flatter who is making his first appearance on Manual Music. The German producer is much loved for his warm, groovy tech house. Appearances on Traum, Parquet and Definitive Recordings have kept Ron amongst an elite group of producers and his interpretation of ‘Kxy’ closes the release out on a very strong note. With a new twist on the bass line Ron has given the piece his own unique groove complete with the recognizable vocal stab. Ron’s freshly constructed melodic theme adds a brilliant apex in the tracks second half and should get a great reaction on a wide range of dance floors. Solid release from Manual Music with both originals really standing out for me. Don’t miss it.

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