Rafa ‘EL & John Cosani – Talisman (Soundteller Records)

Soundteller Records celebrates their 50th release this week with a brand new single from Rafa’EL & John Cosani.

Rafa'EL & John Cosani

Hailing from Poland and Argentina respectively the duos first collaboration together is entitled ‘Talisman’ and it comes with remixes from Matias Chilano and Tuxedo.

Both Rafa’EL & John have been noted for their distinctive progressive sounds. Collectively they’ve appeared on 3rd Avenue, BC2, Clinique Recordings, Golden Wings, Stellar Fountain and System Recordings. Their first collaboration together has resulted in the ultimate fusion of both their styles. Backed by a driving progressive groove and buzzing atmospheres it’s a track that picks up momentum quickly. Soft atmospheric overlays and bubbly textures soon fill the air and take the track to its main break. Twinkly keys and soft vocal pads cast a heavenly vibe and drop the tension for a moment. The kick then thunders back in without notice and the floatly atmospheric haze continues to work it’s magic on through to a great conclusion.

The first interpretation of ‘Talisman’ is provided by Matias Chilano who is making his seventh appearance on Soundteller Rec ords. The Argentinean producer has been an integral part of the Polish label since its inception in 2012. Matias delivered his ‘Spotlight’ EP for the labels second ever release and has since contributed five remixes. Recent releases on Balkan Connection and Golden Wings have been standouts for Matias and he’s crafted another beauty here on ‘Talisman’. The deeper, dreamier sound presented here is an excellent complement to the original. The warm bassy swells and indistinct melodies are quite charming and make for a smooth but exhilarating ride throughout. Wonderful stuff from Matias.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Talisman’ is provided by Tuxedo. The Polish producer has been on an excellent ride the last few months. His originals and remixes for 238 West, Movement Recordings and his own Electronic Tree imprint have been sensational. A deeper, new found sound has been coming out of Tuxedo’s studio and he’s worked his magic yet again on ‘Talisman’. His groovier more playful take is a great complement to the previous two versions and would sound equally great at home, in a club or at the beach. Tuxedo’s expertly reshaped the bass line and melodic elements to get some amazing emotion out of the production as well. A gorgeous track which rounds a killer release on Soundteller Records. Do not miss!

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