Reflection Soul – Last Light EP (Balkan Connection)

Russian producer Reflection Soul returns to Balkan Connection this week with his ‘Last Light’ EP.

reflection soul last light

Balkan Connection continues it’s remarkable run following the labels 300th offering now two months ago. It’s been an amazing string of releases the label has put out since and that strong momentum continues this week with a new EP from Reflection Soul. The Russian producer is making 16th appearance on Balkan Connection and has also appeared on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Records this year. His latest for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Last Light’ and it comes with remixes from Ewan Rill and Yuriy Form Russia.

Robert Besmaternykh otherwise known as Reflection Soul has always incorporated elements of melodic techno and progressive house into his productions and ‘Last Light’ is another fine example of that. While is floor friendly groove is actually quite housey the effects design is at times quite techno inspired. Either way it’s one of Robert’s most gorgeous productions to date. Filled with jangly guitars and great vocal elements there are a wealth of hooks to get quickly attached to. What really keeps it fresh are the aforementioned design qualities and mildly warped modulation. It’s breaks up the moments of shimmering beauty quite nicely for a very diverse and satisfying journey.

The first interpretation is provided by Balkan Connection veteran Ewan Rill. The Russian producer’s remix here marks his 53rd appearance on the label and he’s provided a wonderful dance floor rework of ‘Last Light’. In going with a much tougher and funkier groove Ewan has provided a great alternative to the warm and somewhat laid back original. It’s grinding foundation is full of wicked rolls and when the guitars make their appearance in the main break it’s quite a magical moment. A charged second half is lead by a moderately twisted lead which eventually dissipates and allows the powerful foundation to once again take centre stage. Excellent stuff from Ewan.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Last Light’ is provided by Yuriy From Russia who is making his fifth appearance on Balkan Connection. The fourth quarter of 2014 is only 4 weeks old but Yuriy has already notched six new releases with the most notable being a contribution to the Sleepless Nights Recordings ‘ADE Compilation 002”. For his ‘Last Light’ interpretation Yuriy has widened the drums considerably and used the squirrelly leads to great effect. He’s even added some new elements which work quite nicely with guitars and the vocals sound incredibly lush here as well. Superb remix from Yuriy. Also included on the release is a second original entitled ‘Solar’ which proves to be the ultimate sonic companion for ‘Last Night’. The Russian producers use of emotive guitars and blissful melodies is very strong here and it’s laid back, summery vibe seems like the perfect way to cap off this great release Don’t miss it.

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