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Rich Curtis – Latitude End (FutureForm Music)

It seems like FutureForm Music has been around for a while and the label already carries a pretty big presence. That’s why it’s so surprising that the their new release this week is only their fourth overall. The Aussie based imprint welcomes fellow countryman Rich Curtis to the label for his newest single entitled ‘Latitude End‘. It’s looks set to be another very strong outing for FutureForm as Rich is one of the most creative producers around and the remixes are supplied by Andre Sobota, Noraj Cue and label boss Verve.

Rich Curtis always seem to have this unique ability to create tracks that are both incredibly interesting to listen to and still good for the dance floor. That’s something that doesn’t happen much these days but he’s one of the best at it. ‘Latitude End’ is another very well constructed piece that features a wealth of constantly evolving ideas that keep you completely locked throughout. What I love about it is how unconventional the melodies are at times. There are various lines flowing throughout the piece and while they are complementary they leave a lot up to the depths of your own imagination. It’s intelligent sounding stuff for sure and the icing on the cake is the massive build which goes down during the second act. Massive sounds from Rich on this one.

The first remix is provided by Andre Sobota who is making his debut on FutureForm. The Brazilian producer should need little introduction as he’s been one of the most loved progressive house producers of the last two years. Andre’s rise to electronic music stardom all began in 2012 when his remix of Coldplay & Rihanna’s ‘Princess Of China’ was picked up and played by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. Subsequent signings by Pryda Friends, Anjunadeep and microCastle have yielded what many consider to be some of the best electronic music releases of the last year. Andre is now one of the most sought after remixers of the moment and a firm favourite of Above & Beyond who have featured him numerous times on their infamous Group Therapy radio show. Andre’s remix of ‘Latitude End’ is one of his best this year I think. He’s managed to capture the unconventional magic of the original while adding his own twisted spin on things. The bass lines are outstanding and certainly something you can marvel at over and over again as the unpredictability and immense character never get old. Outstanding work from Andre.

The second remix comes from Noraj Cue who has been involved in a long line of top releases this year. In addition to remixes for: Asymmetric, Agara and Blendwerk some of Noraj’s collaborations with Paul Hazendonk for his upcoming ‘Adapt’ album are about to be released as well. This Dutch producers stock is certainly on the rise (so to speak) and he’s continued to build on that momentum here with a great interpretation of ‘Latitude End’. It’s a much more techno inspired take on the track so it’s a welcome addition to an otherwise progressive heavy package. Noraj’s punchy beats are as dynamic as ever and the delicate tweaks on the melodic themes make them all the more emotional. It’ll be interesting to see where Noraj is come years end cause he’s on a major roll right now.

The third and final remix is provided by label boss Verve who has quietly been building a very tidy discography not only for his FutureForm imprint but his own production alias as well. The Aussie based producer has quite a unique style and he’s one of those guys where you don’t necessarily know what to expect. Kieran is equally adept at more traditional progressive house productions or more techno inspired pieces. For his ‘Latitude End’ interpretation Kieran has delivered what is the most emotional version on the release which says a lot considering Andre Sobota is one of the remixers. The Aussie producers growling underbelly is full of wonderful shape and driving energy but it’s the sweeping harmonies and additional hooks that really standout here. The smooth melodies reach an emotional peak just prior to the break and the razor sharp hooks which run through the records second half just push the energy and vibe that much higher. Excellent work from Verve and a top notch release from FutureForm. Highly Recommended.

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